May 28, 2013

When do Sandusky's splash pads turn on?

Even though it's still cold outside, I can't wait for the splash pads to open so I can bring my grandchildren there. Do you know when that will be? Mary in Sandusky

Sandusky's pair of splash pads — areas where children can play in standing water but don't have to swim in it, eliminating the need for lifeguards and daily upkeep —    should've debuted this past weekend.

The city's website indicates the parks are open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day.

They're located at:

• Huron Park, where Huron Avenue, East Monroe and Warren streets intesect near CVS Pharmacy

• Lions Park, off Lasalle Street near the Erie County Health Department.

If you encounter any problems at either park, contact the city at 419-627-5886 or 419-627-5884.

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Might have to try that out again this year. We did not enjoy it last summer because there were too many grown kids there that scared my toddlers , cussing throwing empty water bottles , pushing it wasn't fun. Maybe we picked a bad day. Wish there was one that was designated for certain age groups. Better off to stay at home with the sprinkler.


They were today as I passed by.

doggie mom

Isn't there a law concerning destruction of public property and public nuisance? What are the statistics of population and over crowding at the JD Center? Let's not be held hostage by the inner city any longer. I want to be able to enjoy all of this city not just walk on the side lines for fear of the under belly.

Good 2 B Me

That is how it starts. Now if people would begin to act on this thought...
Imagine our area being something that we want to show off and be proud of! The slugs ruin for everyone.

doggie mom

I know I don't feel safe to even walk my dogs anymore. Not even just the fear of loose dogs but from the craziness of the people who will hurt you just for looking at them or trying to speak to them. Most look at you like you must have lost your mind when you say hello or good morning and don't know them. How very sad life is when you are physically afraid to even say hello.


@ doggie mom...
you mite as well kiss the Lions park splash pad goodbye we all know how thats going to turn out.......
Just look at what happen to wave action pool...

nothing new

Why do you say that about the lions park splash pad? Huron parks splash pad has been there a while


There is a ribbon cutting at Lions Park splash pad on June 5th at 4:00. Bring the kids. Free beach balls given out.