May 23, 2013

When does Soak City at Cedar Point open?

I want to go to Cedar Point's water park but didn't see it open when I recently went there. Do you know when it's opening? Jon from Sandusky

Soak City actually doesn't open until Saturday — two weeks after the park officially opened up for guests May 5, according to Cedar Point's website.

The water park stays open daily through early September.

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The Bizness

Why don't these people with CP questions just go too

Man of the Republic

way too much common sense in your comment... we're going to have to moderate you.


Biz: I was thinking the same thing !! It probably took way more time and effort to email the Register rather then go to the website !!

Good 2 B Me

Yeah, but now they are famous! lol

Andy Ouriel

The Mailbag questions are legitimate questions asked, including this one. If you don't like the questions, why not send in one to

-Andy Ouriel

Good 2 B Me

Don't get mad Andy!! It is a slow news day! We need something to do to keep us busy! :)

The Bizness

Simply stating that it took much more effort to email you than look it up on their website.

No need to get your sticky fingers clicking all angrily on your keyboard.


I'm glad he asked the question. With the end of school & graduation coming up, it was a nice reminder. I hadn't even thought about it.


Who cares, Valley Beach is where it is at. Good people and good times.


I care and I've never even heard of Valley Beach


I'm not sure where you're getting the information but Cedar Point did not open May 5th. it opened May 11th. Soak City ALWAYS opens Memorial Day weekend.

Good 2 B Me

True. They say 2 weeks after the Park opens on May 5th. By that standard, Soak City already opened on the 19th!


how hard is it to do this?


Where is Cedar Point located?


41.4784° N, 82.6792° W


i like it


Please note that dates and times are subject to change.


What are their hours in the winter?


Gates are unlocked Nov-May.. just have to get past security ;)


That would make it a little tricky to ride the rides : )


Yea, considering all the rides are torn apart for maintenance haha. there wont be any wheels on any of the trains for all rides.