May 20, 2013

Did they ever catch the Pat Catan's culprit?

Have police caught the person who robbed the store? Deb in Bellevue

Nearly a month has passed since an armed suspect robbed Pat Catan's on East Perkins Avenue — and police still don't know who the culprit is.

Perkins police commanders are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can provide information about the suspect that leads to his arrest.

If anyone has information on the case, contact the department at 419-627-0824.

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my oh my

No because it was an inside job.....


Agreed...seemed like an inside job from the beginning...Is odd, I have been in Pat Catan's only a few times, but the few times I had been there prior to the robbery, there was a Perkins cop standing inside the door. I dont know if that is always, but has been the few times i have been there. Yet there wasn't one there the day of the robbery??? What are the odds...And knew to take the manager to the office for the cash??? Seems all too easy




No one is going to offer any info. Half the people in Sandusky are currently rising to the defense of a man who stabbed a baby, you think they care about a robbery at a store?


Seriously! Sandusky has some messed up people.


This comment probably wasn't supposed to be funny, but I couldn't help but laugh...mostly because it's true. I can't believe how ANYBODY could possibly even think about defending the baby killer, but against all odds, Sandusky's finest rose to the occasion.

your master

yes it's probably inside job I know what you know what and the manager knows it or do they know it you know it


How about the break in at Huron Pizza House. Not a word here about it.


It too was an inside job.

2cents's picture

Still think out of town people who know the stores layout. I know a person that was working that day, they said there was no sign of it taking place. Clean smooth and gone. Not like the duffers that robbed the convenient store on Perkins ave.