May 17, 2013

Where are SPARC's shuttle shelters?

Where are the benches and shuttle shelters along Sandusky's public transportation line? Deb on Campbell Street

Sandusky Transit administrator Thomas Schwan said the shuttle shelters, or protective coverings along SPARC, should be installed sometime later this year.

A December 2011 Register story indicated city officials received almost $69,000 from a federal transportation grant to install about eight shelters in areas where people frequently board public buses.

"They will be some type of glass material with a steel frame around it with a roof over them," Schwan said.

The project, however, got delayed because of other, more pressing projects.

But it's likely the shuttle shelters will get built sometime this year.

Schwan couldn't provide an exact timeline of when that could occur, but he did say city officials are finalizing design details and site locations for the shelters.

The shelters are just another addition to the Sandusky Transit system, which saw a record 166,000 passengers throughout 2012.

Note: SPARC stands for Sandusky-Perkins Ride Area Connection and is one component of Sandusky Transit. Three separate routes snake through Sandusky and Perkins Township, picking up passengers each hour at specific locations at precise times.

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My guess is that SPARC is awaiting some government funding. With the federal and state government cutting back on their entitlement it may take awhile longer. Hey, it's free. What's a little wait.


gee i wonder out of the 166,000 passengers if this is calculated per trip then most likely that would only put the number at 83,000 and out of that number how many were to those employes of cedar point from other countries since the transit now stops at first and causeway and if the transit got 1 million in funding that means the government subsidize the transit 12 $ per passenger


You're right it cost WAY MORE to operate then what they make in bus fares. But don't worry, the taxpayers unlimited pockets will fund it!