May 16, 2013

What will the kids like at KidsFest?

What are the best activities at KidsFest this weekend? It gets packed and I want to make sure the kiddos don't miss out on the good stuff. Marcy from Castalia

Register reporter Alissa Widman wrote an excellent story previewing the KidsFest and Safety Fair that appeared in today's Register.

It starts at noon: Best advice I can give is to just get there early and see everything.

There will be more than 50 health and safety agencies featuring hands-on activities, various food vendors, inflatable bounce houses, slides, bubbles, games, arts and crafts and facepainting.

And don't forget to wander across the street (safely), to the Maritime Museum, where admission is free as part of International Museum Day. The same goes for the Merry-Go-Round Museum just a few blocks down and six others across the county.

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Hancock School will have a dunk tank!! Come on out and have fun!!!!