May 15, 2013

What's going on with Strub Road's speed limits and sign by NOMS?

Why is the speed limit different on each side of Strub Road from Hayes Avenue to Campbell Street? When the constructoin was finished, they put up a speed limit sign that reads 55 mph, but there is no sign going west. It was always 45 mph. Ashley from Perkins Township

Let's answer these two questions in separate sections:

1. Why is the speed limit different on each side of Strub Road?

The legal speed limit, both easterly and westerly on Strub Road between Campbell Street and Hayes Avenue (Ohio 4) has always been 55 mph, according to Erie County engineer Jack Farschman.

2. What happened to the speed limit sign heading west?

Construction workers apparently never replaced the sign once they took it down to resurface the road some months ago.

"After checking for signage, we found there was none on the westbound lane immediately west of Campbell Street," Farschman said about a week ago.

Crews fixed the problem and installed a new sign — all prompted by this Mailbag question.

"Thank you Ashley," Farschman said.

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Sharin' Johnson

Ashley should run for County Commishoner. She gets results.


I can't drive 55


Neither can the blue hairs who flock to NOMS during the day. They insist on going 35 on the 55 mph stretch of Strub.


There was never a sign westbound after Campbell until you were past Rt 4

The Answer Person

Considering the death trap at the Strub and Campbell intersection, it SHOULD BE 35.