May 14, 2013

How much are Cedar Point passes this year?

I want to go to Cedar Point this summer, but I'm not sure what the prices are. Can you help me out? Walt from Mansfield

Cedar Point's website offers a substantial discount, for both daily and season passes, to anyone buying tickets online rather than buying at the park.

A single-day adult ticket, for instance, costs $44.99 — a $10 discount compared to the $54.99 gate price.

For the most part, Cedar Point's prices stayed the same from a year ago.

Click here to view a complete pricing list and to purchase park passes online.

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I think I saw a motel on Cleveland Rd., that was advertising on their sign $34 Cedar Point tickets if you stay at their place.


how much? too much.


The season pass prices are a great. Worth every penny.


I agree. This is the first year in a long time that I haven't gotten a pass. The "prefered parking" "quick pass" and all the other extra's I feel are too much. I know I can also purchase them, but there are people who simply cannot, and when they have to wait in line for hours, it doesn't seem fair. If I was younger I might do it again.




lol The preferred parking isn't worth it. You can park closer in the regular lot. The "Fast Lane" type pass is offered at almost every amusement park nowadays. You don't need it. My kids always ride what they want and unless it's for the newest ride, the waits aren't really that bad.

The Answer Person

Uh...why not call Cedar Point????


That's what I was thinking! He took the time to look up the registers website and write a letter, but he didn't have enough common sense to go look at cedar point's website???


I was gonna say the same thing. not to hard to figure out..

Woody Hayes

He read "You 5 Minuets Are Up" and his brain froze.


Geez these things are so made up, either for a subtle advertisement or a register conversation piece.


LOL Yeah. Just like "Ask Eda"


And $15 dollars to park. Cha Ching