May 10, 2013

When can I ride Gatekeeper?

I've been waiting for months to ride the roller coaster at Cedar Point? When can I? Ann from Norwalk

Gatekeeper, a roller costing upwards of $30 million to construct, publicly debuts Saturday.

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Anyone attending the park this year, however, should expect a lengthy wait before boarding. In addition to the allure of a new roller coaster, the ride's located at Cedar Point's main entrance — hence gatekeeper — generating long lines for the ride.

Here are some statistics of the park:

• Length: 4,164 feet

• Tallest hill: 170 feet

• Biggest drop: 165 feet

• Angle of lift hill: 40 degrees

• Length of ride: 2 minutes, 40 seconds

• Top speed: 67 mph

• Type: winged coaster

• Rides per hour capacity: 1,710

• Fast Lane availability: Fast Lane Plus passes only

• World records set: 7

• Height restriction: 52 inches

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Eph 2 8-10

Is that 52 inches minimum or maximum???



The Bizness

Awfully strange stats for a park? :O

Good 2 B Me

It has an Angel of a first hill?

It is called PROOF READING!

Raoul Duke

About 3 1/2 hours after you get in line.


good one, Raoul Duke


you can be too tall to ride it you know...


I heard the upper limit is 6'6"