May 9, 2013

When will Jimmy John's near the hospital open?

What the hold up is on the new Jimmy John's? I have noticed that there has been no progress on the building in the last month or so. Every time I drive by Firelands Regional Medical Center, there is nothing going on. Matt in Sandusky

Workers poured concrete earlier this week. From there, the building should get constructed pretty fast.

Kula Hoty Lynch, corporate counsel for Hoty Enterprises overseeing the project, provided the following answer:

"No holdup really. Sometimes the landlords gets a little ahead of the tenant and/or the permitting agency. We were waiting on final approval for plans from Jimmy John's so that we could lay the plumbing before we poured the floor. When we have good weather during spring construction, we push forward as far and fast as we can because you never know what to expect."


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The Answer Person

What is wrong with this writer, Matt? GO look at the place to see the great progress. You think a building can be built in a week? Why they can't even tear down a (Keller) building in Sandusky in 20 years!


hmmm, that long-winded response by Ms. Lynch sounded alot like laywer speak for...inexperienced.


Look at it this way. The longer they prolong opening, the longer they will go without being robbed. Not a very good location. My opinion only.


Popeyes Chicken would draw them in...LMAO

Sharin' Johnson

It's a Hoty restraunt project... You should be askin' "when will dey b rippin the Jimmie Jos sign off it an putting on a fo rent sign"... Maybe we need a Quiznos or a Qudoba or a Cooker in dare...

doggie mom

They just closed a Quiznos that was very close to there. Amazing how negative the comments are but never any REAL positive suggestions. I hope more goes into down town. I am a hard worker, with two jobs and I live downtown. I have to go all the way over to Perkins to get any chain restaurant foods (ie Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Chili's) or up to Perkins Ave for others. Nothing else but a few restaurants and a few Bars. I was really dissappointed the old hotel is going to be a eldery high rise. I can't afford to live $1,000 in Cheasapeake but would have like an apartment building to cater to me. I would love Sandusky to Cater more to the 30-60 range not the 60-80.


Did I hear the City is going to pave the alley behind the Jimmy John restaurant for Hoty? I didn't think alleys got paved in Sandusky.