May 6, 2013

Will the garden clock in Washington Park get updated?

I've been noticing that the year on the clock in downtown Sandusky at Washington Park still states "2012." In years past, they have changed it in a decent amount of time. Does the city not have a "3" to make it "2013"? Bryan from Sandusky

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir provided the following answer and included an update on new gardening features for Washington Park's in 2013:

We change the year in May when the weather is warm enough so the plant survives.  We could remove the previous year earlier, but it has never really been an issue.  We will continue to plant the current year in May as we have since we started planting the year on the clock in the early 1990s.

We have no plans to do anything dramatically different in Washington Park this year other than remove a couple of dying trees. The floral displays will be similar to (2012) except for the elimination of the use of impatiens due to the downy mildew pathogen that has affected this species.

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Saw them working on it this afternoon when I was walking around downtown. For those who don't know what year it is, the clock will once again fill in the gaps for you. :)


I love the gardens at Washington Park. So beautiful!


I was in the park yesterday for the police memorial and heard many wonderful commemts on how beautiful our parks look. Keep up the good work! Downtown Sandusky looks gorgeous!


What a shame that the city parks that the kids actually play at aren't kept up so nicely. Even mowing, mulching and cleaning up the trash would be an improvement. As usual, Sandusky makes the parks that the tourists see pretty....

doggie mom

I get so tired of comments were someone else needs to keep something cleaned up because someone else trashed it. Have you seen or had any interaction with the youth in this area? They could care less if things are kept nice. They will just trash it if we spend money on fixing it. How about enlisting some of the juvenile offenders to clean up trash or is this infringing on their civil liberties?

sandtown born a...

I agree with you about kids and adults as well trashing what our tax dollars care for. I have seen one of our kids play parks with a trashcan empty and alot of the visitors of this park throw the trash on the ground next to it. Pride in your home, parks, city is not shared by alot of the public who uses the parks they will continue to trash the nice things


My little grandchildren use these parks! Trash is over-flowing, equipment is broken and areas need mulched and mowed. Who is responsible for this? If I mow I get a ticket? It's the city's responsibility to keep up all of the parks, not just Washington park.