May 1, 2013

Is there a bowling alley underneath the Sandusky State Theatre?

I'm new to the area, and I've been bowling at a few of the alleys in the area. After swapping stories with many of the locals, I've heard that there's a bowling alley under the Sandusky State Theater. Is there any truth to that? Would they ever consider fixing and opening it back up? Jon from downtown Sandusky

The Sandusky State Theatre did, in fact, once offer a bowling alley underneath the Columbus Avenue facility, according to Barb Shaver, the theatre's box office and gift shop manager.

About 15 years ago, however, construction workers removed the lanes — so it's unlikely theatre executives would ever reopen a bowling center anytime soon.


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It was not like today's modern bowling alley where the pins are automatically set up.

4-wheeler al

pin setters were use one on every lane.teenages got paid and tips.

Don S

I remember bowling there. The pins were set human pin setters. I think it was the last bowling ally of it's kind, at the time. It was a great hangout for us, then teenagers. I also remember dancing at the Boys and Girls club downtown.


My Dad was a "pinsetter" there. When i was a young boy I bowled there with him.


I set pins there a few items in the early 1950s. The parents of a classmate of mine at SHS, Bill Whisner, ran the alley for Earl Seitz who owned the State Theater as well as two theaters in Wadsworth, OH.

As I recall, there were about 4 pool tables, 10-12 lanes on one side, 2 lanes on the other side, and seats behind the main lanes.

Bogart Lanes, on W. Market in what is now the Goodwill building had about 8 lanes up and 8 lanes downstairs. About the same time and probably closed when Star Lanes opened.

Poppa Widge


My husband set pins there, too.

Fibber Mcgee

Great information from those above, always great to learn more about
local history. Tks.....


Anyone remember the Star Theater next to the Register.


Yes I do, I remember watching the Giant Claw there as a kid. It scared the shat out of me.!
Other than that, I don't remember the interior.

Raoul Duke

Obviously you're not a golfer.



I'm a golfer but I'm not sure what that has to do with the thread. Help me to better understand what you meant, please.



The underground bowling alley extended beyond the building to underneath the sidewalks. i.e., it was hollow underneath the sidewalks.

doggie mom

I would really be interested to learn some of those lost secrets about Sandusky's History. Is there a class or a program offered anywhere about Sanduky's where's used to be wheres?



Check out the Sandusky Public Library. See the website and the Archives Research Center.