Apr 30, 2013

Where are our recycling materials going?

There is talk among the citizens that these recyclables are not making it to the places that re-use them. We are concerned and want the recycling process to truly deliver the products to a repurposing facility. Where are the recycling centers used by Erie County, and where are our recyclables going? Sari via email.

We'll answer these questions in two separate sections:

Where are the recycling centers?

Click here to view where and what you can deposit recycling materials at various locations throughout Erie County.

Where are our recyclables going?

Erie County solid waste district coordinator LIsa Beursken, who oversees public recycling efforts, provided the following answer:

The recycling centers operated by the District go to the following facilities:

• Sandusky Steel: cardboard and paper products

• Republic Waste Service: mixed recycling 

Recycling facilities are required to recycle at least 65 percent of the total volume of materials that come into their facilities and is reviewed by Ohio EPA. I know that Republic and FSI reports higher percentage recycling rates and I am sure Sandusky Steel is recycling more than the required amount. I have copied them so they can comment on their individual facility.

Again it depends on the individual facility on where our recyclables are going. For instance, FSI Disposal utilizes Evergreen Plastics right next door to them by selling their plastics. Sandusky Steel has markets across the country and I believe a paper market overseas.

It is in the best interest for recycling facilities to properly recycle the material because:

• They have put millions of dollars into a facility so they can do so

• They are making money by selling the product

• If they were throwing away the materials that would cost them more money and fined from Ohio EPA and whomever they have contracts with.

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