Apr 22, 2013

When will Barnes Nursey collect yard waste in Sandusky?

I'm hoping you can relay the dates of Barnes Nursery collecting Sandusky residents' yard waste free of charge. Tim in Sandusky.

Sandusky officials didn't organize a waste drop-off collection at Barnes Nursery this year.

City manager Nicole Ard provided the following answer:

In the past, residents dropped off yard waste at Barnes compost facility near Huron and the city paid for it.

As in the past, residents who are not already signed up for curbside yard waste collection and are interested in service can for fee sign up for curbside yard waste collection through the private firm contract recently approved by city commission. The collection runs spring through fall. Payment can be made in lump sum or in installments. Residents can also pay to drop off their yard waste at Barnes or elsewhere. For example, the Barnes' website has Barnes' rates listed.

Sandusky officials scheduled a tire drop off Saturday at Ohio Tire Terminal at 2620 W. Monroe St. Funds from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Scrap Tire Grant and the Erie County Solid Waste District help support the tire drop off.  Residents must bring proof of residency to drop off a tire.

To sign up for the yard-waste service, contact the city at 419-627-5850 for more info.

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Our taxes keep going up but our benifits keep going down. Living in this city is really starting to SUCK! Roads are crumbling, trees are roting, yet there's money to cut down perfectly fine trees and replace them around the city greenhouse. Look at the trees accros the street, they are literally rotten and disintegrating. Only a matter of time before someone is killed!


It's because as the welfare rolls swell, less people are paying into the pot. They can't collect income tax from entitlement benefits.


Mailbag question:

Will the Sandusky Register take photos and/or keep stats for AMVETS Youth Baseball this year?


I don't have a problem with the extras being curbed or eliminated when the City is working to be fiscally responsible. The issue, though, is that the City lets things like this go even as it involves itself in more studies (or, pardon me, "plans"), raises (no, I DON'T care if they're smaller than union members wanted), and what is apparently yet ANOTHER "bad" employee termination!

How about the City stop WASTING money, and bring back the semi-annual yard waste pick-ups? Or fix dangerous sidewalks? Or deal with threatening trees (ones the City PROMISED it would take care of, and ones the city THREATENED residents to leave alone)?


Geeeez. And we wonder why Sandusky is a DUMP anymore! I can see it now...all the renters and slum owners are going to PAY to go to Barnes OR Pay for the city to pick it up. In other words.....the decent people left in the city that care will suffer~All their SH** will blow in our yards to PAY for! AS USUAL!!


BTW....my sidewalk is a MESS also!


Double post


Fix it and Be Happy!


Could never be happy as long as there are people like you in this world~IMPOSSIBLE! ;)


Same goes for you.


BTW Mr.Happy to be killing deer~or something like that~last I knew~you are not permitted to fix sidewalks~you have to pay the city to fix them. I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong, in fact I'm POSITIVE you will seeing as how you always seem to know it all.


Okay, pay the city to fix it and Be Happy. Don't need to know much to figure that out.


I've noticed that you come here daily~ all day~ and comment. Do you have nothing better to do than to spread your hatred?


That means you must be here all day too. Have you nothing better to do than piss and moan? BeHappy whiner!


I'm sure the next thing to be eliminated will be the leaf pickup program in the fall.


Based on actions (or non actions)of the City Manager, you are absolutely correct.