Apr 25, 2013

How much did SHS's new baseball field cost?

(Update on Med Spa, too.) I noticed Sandusky High School was building a new baseball field behind the building. What is the total cost of the project, and how is it being funded? Thomas on Wayne Street

Sandusky Schools administrators received a $109,000 grant a year ago from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund to build a new hardball complex behind the high school. The Sandusky-based Dorn Foundation contributed another $40,000 for the field, which could debut as soon as spring 2014.

The Major League Baseball-sponsored grant funded demolition and on-site work. It also covers costs for new grass, a sod infield, fencing around the field's perimeter, bleachers, a scoreboard and more.

Sandusky administrators are seeking a similar grant to bring softball on the school's campus as well.

**Update on Med Spa building

The Mailbag learned more information about the old Med Spa building, a question asked Wednesday.

Here is a description of the facility provided on the company's website:

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Unlike the neighbors, no school funds used on this field either!!

sandtown born a...

Watch it , the neighbors from the south think they are above all others in the area,


Perkins football field was a result of Huron and Sandusky had something they didn't. They continue to try and fool the public with the conditions of the field. The bottom line is that they chose athletics over education. They used taxpayers money for the field. They upset the entire community and that is why the new levy won't pass and they better hope the renewal levy passes. The board members are wealthy and a large percentage of Perkins residents live outside their means in order to get away from the inner city life.




Sandusky simply reaps the benefits from those that they continue to do the least for.

sandtown born a...

Your always talking crap about sandusky like you or perkins are any better. Home ville, sears ville, etc. ghetto is all we can say its everywhere even in your perfect Jerkins


I call Perkins's stadium "The Yellow Pages" because of all the gaudy advertisements covering every inch of the place.


Wow you guys have got to get a life. LOL! Me too for even blogging on this. Haha! How can anyone be negative about a school getting a baseball field unless their a negative person. Kudos to all the local schools and their facilities.


When most high school graduates can't do 8th grade math, it's very easy to be negative about resources being devoted to playing games. Apparently you don't understand what the purpose of school is.


A BIG thank you to Mr. Nelson from Kahlahari for the Huron field.


Better enjoy it now, Huron, because that is the last thing you'll ever get from Kalahari.


Rightfully so, Wald. Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth then smacking it in the head, huh?