Apr 19, 2013

Did Kelsey accept the styrofoam cup prom invite?

Out on the fence around the St. Mary's practice football field — on the curve around Mills Creek Golf Course where Perkins Avenue curves into Venice Road — somebody had put styrofoam cups into the fence spelling out "Kelsey H Prom?" I'm just wondering who Kelsey is and did she go to the prom? Barbara in Sandusky

Sandusky High School student Kelsey Holmer will soon head to two proms — both with her boyfriend of nearly six months, Matthew Dudek.

Matthew is a Bellevue High School student. With some help from friends, he plotted to creatively ask Kelsey to prom. The group stuffed the Perkins Avenue fence at midnight. Matthew then left a note on Kelsey's car the following morning, telling her to "be on the lookout" on her way to school. She drives past the fence daily.
If you ask Kelsey, she'll tell you nothing can top how Matthew popped the question.
Kelsey devised a similar unique plan soon after. She stuffed Matthew's car with balloons using a spare key obtained from a family member. When he opened the door and the cluster of balloons flew into the sky, a single one reading "Prom?" remained, tied to his steering wheel. He also said "yes."
Sandusky's prom is Saturday. Bellevue's prom is April 27. They'll be attending both as each other's date.
Thanks to Sandusky High School principal Dan Poggiali for helping the Register track down the information.
Attached as PDFs are pictures of the two and the cup display Matthew placed in the fence.
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how cute


Original idea good going to Matt and Kelsey.


Please educate yourself on the dangers of releasing balloons.
Dolphins, whales, turtles, and many other marine species, as well as terrestrial animals such as cows, dogs, sheep, tortoises, birds and other animals have all been hurt or killed by balloons. The animal is usually killed from the balloon blocking its digestive tract, leaving them unable to take in any more nutrients. It slowly starves death. The animals can also become entangled in the balloon and its ribbon making the animal unable to move or eat.

The Bizness

good stuff doppleganger... All plastics/rubbers are not the best especially for us in the great lakes region. Try to use less, and recycle as much as possible.


FYI there is the annual Earth Day Extravaganza this Sunday at Osborne park. Looks like they will have some interesting stuff, like hybrid cars, solar/wind installer, gardening tips, and info on reducing our stormwater.


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Hoss McGee

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Dont forget to recycle those rubbers.


The bizness

Erie County Resident

LMAO... Good one KD.
I bet biz and dope wear helmets & kneepads when their mom puts them in their highchairs for lunch.


Your knee pads get much more use than mine do.


Why did you have to go and make this wonderful story a downer. If you want to voice your opinion on such subjects as balloons and ribbon, write a column for the SR on environmental hazards. Finally we had a nice story instead of murders and rapes and drunks. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you but here is not the place for such discussions. There are many more things people don't understand about such issues. Maybe you can enlighten them. Be sure to mention the plastics that hold 6 packs together. Cut them up so they don't cause strangulation.


You lecture about writing a column and then you do the exact same thing I did. Wow. Hypocrite. This was the perfect place to enlighten people. Glad for the young people who get to go to the prom, but the balloon release is a serious issue that people don't know the dangers of. So sue me. And recycle your rubbers. LOL


Not a hypocrite and not a lecture, a suggestion. Just reminding YOU to dispose of your beer can plastics in the proper manner. This was not the perfect place to enlighten people. This was a story about a young girl getting a nice prom invitation. Otherwise, the headline might read, "the dangers of balloons".


dopple, are you serious??? Get out of here


I like balloons as much as anybody...but dopple IS serious, and dopple IS right.


I am serious. Check out the link and be sure to look at the photos.

Good 2 B Me

Surely(Shirley) you can't be serious...


hahaha your serious? their kids. you obviously never ' loved ' what ever you want to call it as a kid. seriously. get a friend..if you can find one


hahaha your serious? their kids. you obviously never ' loved ' what ever you want to call it as a kid. seriously. get a friend..if you can find one


@tristinpruitt It's "you're" and "they're" Get a dictionary. If you can find one. ;-)


Have fun kids and stay safe.

Erie County Resident

You two are very creative ... Have fun at your proms and be safe.


Also throwing out chicken bones or fat from meat is not good for animals, even if starving, to eat. They can choke on both of those things. If more people were educated about animals and the environment, the world would be a much safer place for all.


Have a good time at the proms and disregard all the off-topic discussion.