Apr 23, 2013

Will the Register cover AMVETS baseball games?

I was wondering if you could tell me if the Sandusky Register will have any coverage of the Sandusky AMVETS Youth Baseball League this year? Back when we were kids, the Register covered the games, taking pictures and recording stats. It was awesome to see your name in the paper. What gives? Camryn in Sandusky

The Register, for several years now, has not sent reporters to AMVETS games, youth league matches or intramural contests. The sports staff is extremely busy with covering both boys and girls high school sporting contests throughout the entire year in addition to many other responsibilities assigned to them.

These events, however, are important for the community.

That's why editors are encouraging coaches, managers, parents and volunteers to send game or team photos to Firelands Faces at garmon@sanduskyregsiter.com. The weekly, community-interest page prints every Sunday. Include as much information in the photograph as possible.

People can also send statistics and information to the sports desk at sports@sanduskyregister.com

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I guess I don't understand how the Register's reporters are any more busy with high school sports now than they were 10 years ago...? Doesn't seem fair that our kids don't even have the chance to make the front of the sports page any more.


Maybe you could increase your subscriptions if you covered the games. When our kids were playing we only bought the paper so we could see their names and cut out the articles. Saying that the reporters are to busy with high school sports is basically saying the younger kids do not matter.The younger kids like the recognition just as much as the older kids. Another bad decision by the Register.


Agreed - I would definitely subscribe if my kids' baseball stats were in there.


Come on people!! Give the Register a break. The sports desk staff are super busy with high school sports over the spring when the high schools are finishing their seasons and summer break when most of the youth games are played. For once, can't you see the logical thinking of the Register Staff.


They were able to do it in the 90s and early 00s without issue. What's changed?


If the register covered these games, it's likely that the Convicted sex offenders that are coaching these kids would be uncovered and more parents would feel comfortable allowing their children to play.


I don't know what you're talking about with "convicted sex offenders...coaching these kids" - I've never heard that allegation. All I know is that the Register should atleast show up to take pictures once in a while, if they're not going to record the stats like they used to.


Bring back BUTCH WAGNER for more than just bowling !!


LifeIsCrazy: now you've heard of it. One example would be the team sponsored by Wee Care Day Care last year. ID all of the adults who were coaches/assistants coaching those kids and you would be mortified at the background of at least one of them. I can only imagine how many sex offenders there are coaching these children throughout the league.


Which Wee Care Day Care team? There was one in each age group.


Also, keep in mind that some parents do volunteer to help with coaching, so the person(s) you're talking about could very well have been a parent that was volunteering.


Could someone please tell me why the conditions of the Amvets fields are so terrible? Who is responsible for the upkeep? The children deserve nice fields to play on!

Matt Easterhold

The sports editor is from the Norwalk area, this is why all we see in our sports section is Norwalk, Bellevue, and rt20 schools. They seem to cover every Perkins sporting event however.

In the last 2 years I have seen more pictures and articles about Western Reserve and Norwalk ST Paul than I have in my whole life.

The only Sandusky High baseball game they covered this year was against Norwalk.

It's really crappy that this is how they report now.


You know, I've noticed that. They also cover the little league games in Norwalk, but not Sandusky. Why is that?

Matt Easterhold

The sports editor with the bowl cut hairdo only has the time to report on Norwalk.

SR reporting is LAZY, this is proved everytime they print a police log from Fremont, Port Clinton or any other city 30miles away or more.


Forget print. WLEC Radio would be glad to cover Youth Baseball. Oh wait, nevermind - Jim Gallagher is no longer on the Sports Staff.