May 2, 2013

Is Bertsch Jewelers closing?

A friend of mine was told by an employee of Bertsch Jewelers that the store would be closing. Can you find out if that is true and if so, when? Bobbie from Third Street

James A. Bertsch Jeweler & Gifts owner Michelle Bertsch-Herold said the store will not be closing.

Closing "is the farthest thing from my mind," she said.

In fact, Bertsch-Herold has been working on expanding the gift and jewelry lines available at the downtown store, located at the corner of Columbus Avenue and West Market Street.

For more information, employees recently launched a new Facebook page for prospective patrons to keep up to date on specials.

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I think a lot of these "questions" are free advertisement.


Why not? it works doesnt it...


I didn't know they were still open. The last time I went there shortly before closing time, we were told it was too close to closing and they couldn't wait on us. We then went to the mall and spent $2000 at a jewelry store there. Haven' t bothered to go back. And people wonder why no one shops downtown.


And keep shopping at a crappy mall that doesn't offer anything but the same ole, same ole! I'll ALWAYS support my local businesses!! And I LOVE BERTSCH's! They offer WAYYYYY more than you will EVER find at some mass production jeweler!! No I am not related to the Bertsch's

There you go again

Agreed. What happened to "quality" rather than "quantity"? We should feel fortunate to have Bertsch's-I do.