Apr 18, 2013

Where has downtown Sandusky's popcorn wagon been?

I took a drive downtown this past weekend and noticed the popcorn wagon was gone. What's going on? Please tell me that it is just in storage for the winter. Tammi from Sandusky.

Rest assured: The wagon will return soon.

"The wagon usually opens the weekend of Memorial Day and we run until mid-September," said Pamela Colbert-Brumbaugh, the executive director for United Way of Erie County.

During this time, the wagon stays open during:

• Weekdays for lunch.

• Friday evening events.

• Saturdays

• Sandusky Art Walk events, occurring 5-8 p.m. during the first Thursday every month from May through September.

The United Way of Erie County owns the wagon but allows other nonprofit organization to use the wagon as a way to raise funds by selling popcorn. The United Way keeps a small percentage of all proceeds for their charitable purposes.

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Gyro Cart Guy

Popcorn Wagon, Schmopcorn Wagon: Where is the Gyro Cart?!?!?!?!?


The Gyro cart opens tomorrow and on Monday the 22nd he is opening a second cart by the Orioles Club on Perkins Ave.


he has the BEST gyros!!

nightroller's picture

I can't wait till the hotdog cart guy comes back ... he had some real good prices .....


I think someone better check their facts. Since when does United Way own the popcorn wagon? The wagon belongs to the City of Sandusky and is allowing the United Way to use it for fund raisers.


Longhorn opens Monday.

The Answer Person

The Depot needs new chairs.


Jolly Donut should have cottage cheese on their menu.


the depot needs more than new chairs !! just sayin'. i heard there will be a new hotdog cart downtown this summer. the best dogs around, italian sausages, too !