Apr 16, 2013

Is Popeyes heading to Erie County?

I heard we are getting a Popeye's chicken restaurant on U.S. 250? Is this true? Kathy from Sandusky

It's unlikely a Popeyes will come to the area, considering officials overseeing building and development in Perkins Township haven't been contacted by the chain's representatives.

"I have not heard about anything about Popeyes or any chicken business," township chief building official John Curtis said.

The closest Popeyes from Erie County are located in Oberlin and Toledo.

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We used to have a Popeye's out on Venice Rd. in the gas station where Subway is now. YUM!

Licorice Schtick

Oh joy. Another chain restaurant. Praise the Lord and pass the Pepto.


There's one in Ashland, too.


There was a Popeyes before. Why would it come back if it didn't succeed the first time. I know it would be a different location but still.


Huge change in demographics in Sandusky since the last time they were here.


We also had a Little Creaser's and they came back. Pizza-Pizza


They always put Popeyes restaurant in the worst areas of a town, not on the main strip.


why in the world would they put a fried chicken store in the worst area of town?

The Bizness

Fast food is a major draw in lower income community. Get a burger for a dollar, sounds like a good deal till the health effects kick in.


Wish they still had their French fried onion rings on the menu...they were great!!!


Popeyes chicken is better than KFC


If ya seen it on TV commercial over and over again most likely it's coming to town.


Popeyes chicken....yum red beans and rice...yum mashed taters and gravy w/meat chunks...yum


and did i mention YUM?? lol


They need to bring back Mr. Hero.



T. A. Schwanger