Apr 12, 2013

When's the Apex Building coming down?

I want to see that monstrosity they call the Apex Building come down. When will it occur? Jean in Sandusky.

Demolition should occur to the Apex Building on First Street by early summer, according to Sandusky's project engineer Jane Cullen and property manager Dave Figuly.

An October 2012 Register story indicated the demolition project would cost about $1.5 million, with a majority of funds coming from the state level. City taxpayers are fronting about $45,000 for the private project.

City officials are also working toward tearing down other blights, including the Sandusky Cabinets property on East Washington Street. Talks continue to also raze Shoreline Drive's Keller Building.


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It's a shame that already burdened city residents will have to pay to have this building demolished to benefit a private enterprise. Is there any plan to get this money back to the city when this property sells?

The Bizness

Much of this money comes from taxes on corporations while in business, this is then put in grants to pay for the clean up and demolition.

Hopefully once it is torn down a new business use the property and start bring new tax moneys into the city.

T. A. Schwanger

From CORF information in 2008:::

The measure authorized the state to borrow $400 million in 2008 for environmental conservation, preservation and revitalization purposes.

Arguments against

Arguments made in opposition of the measure included:
The economy is in bad condition. The state of Ohio should not be authorized to go into further debt; it should, instead, be tightening its belt and only spending money on immediate priorities.
"You and your children will have to pay this money back. This money could be retained by taxpayers for their own purposes or used for other plans or directly helping people in need".[6]

The Answer Person

Who cares about that building? It is in the middle of nowhere.




4-wheeler al

good old building must come down. my dad came from Kansas city with 5 others too start up apex.


there are no streets closed because of this building KELLER building needs to come down before any other in this city there is as much history in the Apex and American Crayon building as the Keller building but no one is crying over them being torn down just the one that has a street closed because of it