Apr 11, 2013

What's going on with the land across from Kalahari?

I drive by Hoty's project on U.S. 250 across from Kalahari almost daily, and I see they are making a great deal of progress on the project site. Has there been any more announcements about other businesses, besides the Hy-Miler, that will be occupying the development? Eric on Hendry Street.

Hoty Enterprises corporate counsel Kula Hoty Lynch provided the following answer:

"We are very excited about the progress of our project. As of now, we have no official additions but are working with a few prospective businesses. The total site is 30 acres, so we are focusing on a sustainable, long-term plan of hopefully mixed-used — entertainment, restaurants, office. We are always open to suggestions from the community so let us know of any ideas for the project."

Feel free to comment below about what you would like to see go into that space.

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Jon Limber

bd's Mongolian Grill!


Agree!!!!! 100000000000000%


very funny Hoss and I couldn't agree more but the real question is what is going on with Kalahari? pays slave wages and makes owner rich while not paying enough taxes I'd bet. boycott that place.


Tilted Kilt is a much classier place. Irish Nachos, Drunken Clams, Big Arse Burgers, Olde Dublin Irish Stew, Meatloaf sandwich..etc...Now I am hungry, lol !!!

Tool Box

Joes Crab shack would make a killing there!


I agree with ya on that one tool box !!


I am not a big fan of seafood..But when I see commercials for that place, I swear, my mouth waters. It looks so scrumptious! I too think it would make a killing in that location!


It is going to be a gas station from what I heard


Car wash and pizza place.


a Panda Express!




A Casino and some strip clubs!


How about a micro-brewery with great food? Make me happy, happy, happy!


Penn Station. Waffle House. Skyline Chili.


I think we should put a Ice Rink with two or three rinks in it and get some Hockey started in this town and in our schools!

BW1's picture

Ice rinks are gong broke across the country. According to the US Sporting Goods Assoc., ice sports have been in steady decline for a few decades now.


I agree on the ice rink. Fremont has a great facility and we have nothing. this location would be great for an ice rink with Kalahari across the street. hockey tournaments could bring in out of towners who could stay at local hotels and an ice rink would get kids in the area to start skating.


How about an indoor sports facility. That is what makes sense around here. There is nothing to do for athletes The gyms are not that good, and there is nothing to do in the winter time. There are a ton of restaurants, so I don't see why adding another one would be a priority around here.


Even though I'd love to see BD's Mongolian BBQ come to town, I have to agree with you. No wonder we are the most obese nation, it's because we have so many restaurants and fast food joints, and not enough sports facilities or inexpensive gyms where kids and adults can go to not be lazy!