Apr 8, 2013

What happened to the Sears picture studio?

Can you look into how the portrait studio at Sears abruptly shut down? How can people get their pictures that ordered them? Teale via Facebook

CPI, a business Sears contracted with for photography, ended its American-based operations Thursday.

Sears spokesman Howard Riefs provided the following response:

"We were notified (Thursday) that CPI is ceasing its U.S. operations at retailers across the country immediately. CPI is a separate, publicly traded company that managed and operated Sears Portrait Studios as a licensed business.  We are working with CPI to ensure that it fulfills its outstanding orders and provides ordered pictures to our members and customers.  We regret any inconvenience this has caused our members and customers."

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The portrait studio in Walmart has suddenly closed too. They were owned by the same company.




Stui, Stui, Stuidio.


Uumm...it's spelled studio!

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There's an article online about this!


Studio. It was all over the news that they were closing and couldn't make ends meet. Buy a digital camera and learn photoshop. That's all you need for family pics anyway.


Who cares? Just buy a camera and lean up against a wall. There ya go! Instant studio!

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SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY...I have been getting a lot of emails, calls, and chats about PictureMe Studio and Sears Portrait Studio closing in our area because I was a studio manager for 6 years. Being a professional photographer is really a thing of the past - with technology being what it is today it's too hard for studios to remain competitive when customers are capable of taking the same pictures at home for free. Privately-owned studios will only survive if they keep a full-time job first & do the photography part-time because it is not an income you can consistently count on.

dont get it

I Love Phil Collins!!!


I agree that you don't get it. That wasn't Phil Collins.