Apr 5, 2013

Will the area by Camp and Cleveland roads get paved?

Will the Erie County engineer's office fix the approach on the corner of Camp Road onto Cleveland Road, near where they paved the rest of the road? There is a large difference in the pavement heights and I can see the snowblades already catching it and tearing up the road. Charlene on Hull Road

Local officials are working to solve the problem.

The Erie County engineer's office provided the following response:

Camp Road was widened and resurfaced last year and is still under contract for completion of the embankment and seeding this spring.

Fortunately, the Camp Road and Cleveland Road pavements match and are not being damaged by snow plows and therefore are not a safety issue.

Unfortunately, vehicles have driven off the edge of the Camp Road pavement, resulting in rutting in the west earth embankment. Embankment material will be added, compacted and seeded, correcting the problem as part of the project this spring.

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