Apr 4, 2013

What happened to El Potrillo Taqueria in Sandusky?

Well, I am guessing El Potrillo Sandusky will not be reopening. The phone is disconnected, the webpage gone and no more Facebook posts. I was wondering if you can confirm this? Also, could you find out what restaurant in Fremont the owners are with? I miss them and their yummy specialties! Sarah in Sandusky

Your suspicions are unfortunately true. It seems the business shut down for good.

We're not sure what Fremont restaurant the owners are now with. Maybe one of our readers can help us out by commenting below.

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yo quiero taco bell


We are still loyal to Casa Fiesta and the owner is real good people to us...


They were affiliated with a Restaurant in Lorain. I cannot remember the name of the Lorain location though. I got to meet and play soccer with the owners a few times. It was the best place to go if you wanted the real-deal authentic Mexican fare, not the Americanized version that the other places in Sandusky offer. Casa Fiesta, Costa Azul and their ilk are just fancy Taco Bells.


Su querían ver green cards!


one opens one closes.....


They are all greasy over salted garbage.


Mendoza's was good, but prices now are sky high for what you get.


Not one of these joints anywhere in the area has real mexican food.