Apr 2, 2013

Will Shoreline Drive get paved in 2013?

Is Shoreline Drive going to be resurfaced this year? It is a horrible street to drive on especially with it's location to so many activities during the summer. Even at 25 mph, you could get a ruptured spleen driving on it. Let's bring more people downtown but show them a smooth ride. Sharon from downtown

Sandusky officials have set aside money for some street projects — but Shoreline Drive, or a main downtown artery connecting entertainment venues to the business district, is not on that list.

Among the improvements scheduled to occur sometime between now and 2015 include:

• Constructing the west-end overpass near Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road. The $11.4 million project is funded primarily through state funds.

• Bolstering the tunnel structure at the Camp Street underpass at $1.4 million

• Resurfacing Curran Street at $50,000.

• Resurfacing First Street from Cedar Point Drive to Meigs Street at $953,000.

• Improving signals and traffic layout on West Perkins Avenue from Camp to 52nd streets.

City manager Nicole Ard also recently unveiled a list of several other streets she wants to resurface, but would need to borrow $3.1 million the city doesn't have. Once again, however, Shoreline Drive did not appear on that list.

In other related news, the barricades on Shoreline Drive on the Keller Building's north side are still up. First placed there more than a year ago to alert people of the building's feeble structure, there's no timetable to remove those road blocks detouring traffic down another street.


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what exactly does "bolstering the tunnel structure" mean??? are they not gonna totally make it over like they did to the other two underpasses in town???


Does SR have the list of other streets Ard wants to repair?


Well if its to spend tax dollars on the people of sandusky , you can forget it , they are only intrested in a smooth ride to cedar point , You all know that you high price for tags for cars truck etc , the city spends the money on the traffic to cedar point and not the residents of sandusky
Just look , they redid the road from cleveland road to cedar Point last year and now they are going to spend money on the 1st street , cause it leads to cedar point
when all that is done , then you can bet they will do Cedar Point Rd . cause it leads to Cedar Point and they same people that vote them in take a back seat .
We arent important enough


goodness, I hope they do something with Camp street underpass. It would be pretty sad if someone gets the shock of their lives when they try to go under it one day and a large train drops in their lap from overhead. That wouldn't be MY first choice. Gotta prioritize.


Is this Sharon from Downtown also born and bread in Sandusky?


First Street? The condition of that street is one of the best in the city. There are others A LOT WORSE!


amen ITS ME . cant agree more


Yea know one thing that has me wandering . is you see all these cars in sandusky and if they live here which I would guess about 95% are sandusky residents , and you put ten dollars per set of plates and that adds up to a whole lot of money , and yet as far as I know , they {the city}has not made it public as to how much money they have recieved in the last ten years .or as long as the piggy back tax has been charged .
One would think that the funds from that could be abtained through the public records rule
I am thinking that with as little work to redure streets in sandusky , that makes me wander if there is any real reason .
and one would have to look at where the money was spent and how much was paid and if it was the only bid or where there others .
I have my ideas about this , but without hardcore evidence , I am not going to back my self into a corner
I really thing that the city needs to let the residents know what , where and why , when it comes to city funds which we dont want to forget that the city being every tax payer that lives in Sandusky