Apr 1, 2013

When will the barricades on U.S. 250 go back up?

I'm wondering when those road barricades on Milan Road — U.S. 250 on the Butler Street ramp — will go back up? Morgan from Sandusky

Street crews will reinstall those barricades on the overpass most likely a couple days before Cedar Point opens for the 2013 season.

They'll remain up there until early November — just a couple days after the park closes during its HalloWeekends event.

The road blockers allow two lanes of traffic heading north up the ramp to make a right going toward Cedar Point. Today, with no road blockers in the area, only vehicles in the right lane can turn toward Cedar Point.

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Due to a lack of funds, the barricades will not be installed this year, although two lanes of traffic will still be allowed to enter the ramp or continue north. Good luck!