Mar 28, 2013

Do area indoor water parks offer season passes?

Do any of the local indoor water parks offer season passes? Greg in Sandusky

The four local water parks in Erie County — Castaway Bay, Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari Resort and Maui Sands — don't offer season passes.

There is a limit as to how many people can enter each water park.

And since each of these properties are also hotels, water park executives want to ensure everyone staying in these lodges have access to swim and play around. If season passes were distributed, the parks wouldn't be able to guarantee every guest could enter the water park.

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What about the Rain? I heard they had bowling and waterpark passes?


I'm fairly confident there are five indoor water parks locally. You missed Rain. I don't think they have season passes but they do have day passes and they're connected to a bowling alley, laser tag and virtual golf.


You can barely call rain a waterpark given how tiny it is.


great wolf lodge doesnt allow outsiders to swim. other than being an employee or accompanied by an employee you have to rent a room to swim. this is to insure not only the safety of the guests and their young children, but to also maintain the integrity of the guest stay. i guess it's to limit the risks of having small children in a large water when sexual predators are abound, and to also make sure that for those that paid the high room rates and traveled from god knows where dont have to worry about local yokels on cheep day passes dont crap up the place.