Mar 27, 2013

What could happen if the Perkins Schools levy fails?

Should the Perkins Schools levy fail, will the school board cancel plans to build a new school and move permanent improvement money back into its operating funds? Also, why is the school being built without voter approval? Dee in Perkins Township


Schools reporter Alissa Widman relayed these questions to Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner and used her past reporting experience on the heated issue to answer these questions:
Q:  Will the school board cancel plans to build a new school if the levy fails?
As of now, the school board has no intentions of canceling plans to build a new school because the facilities issues will not go away if the May levy fails.
Gunner has said during past interviews Perkins Schools will return to the ballot in the future, possibly two more times this year.
Q: Will the school board move permanent improvement money back into its operating funds if the levy fails?
No. Moving the inside millage permanent improvement money back will not solve the lack of funds for facilities or day-to-day operations, Gunner said. Moving the "inside millage" back would pose a more costly bond levy of at least 7.2 mills to the community to renovate or replace the high school alone.
Q: Why is the school being built without voter approval?
The school board will not move forward with plans to built a new building for junior high and high school students if voters do not approve the May levy because funds will not be available to do so.
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God Of Thunder

As I said previously.. The stadium is a beautiful sight, but I think it was a little overboard. I'm sure when all these decisions were made that no one thought, or is even thinking about today, the long term cost of that football field.

The life span on that turf is maybe 12-14 years, and VERY costly to replace.. In today's dollars, anywhere from 300-400 thousand dollars.

Maybe that's what Gunner is going to keep the inside millage for..






If you read the propaganda piece closely you will see that the analysis of the school structure three times was overseen by the same organization OSFC (Ohio Schools Facility Commission). There sole purpose is to have new schools built. They would not have a job if their findings didn't prove that point.

The school board made their decision to move millage based on the "assumption that property value grows." With this assumption they said this millage change will "permanently solve the facility issue of the district."

Lets analysis those quotes.

Did property value grow for people this last evaluation? Some yes and some no. That assumption is faulty.

Any time a bureaucrat say something will be "permanently solved" my doubting mind goes into overdrive. First, I will live here longer in this school district than the superintendent. He can't guarantee such a statement over my lifetime. Second, there are way to many situations in school funding that can't be controlled by the superintendent and school board that this guarantee can be upheld. The guarantee is empty.

Lastly, the arrogance of the superintendent and the school board at the end of this propaganda piece is beyond comprehension. Your true colors were finally exposed.




These buildings are so bad, yet the Erie County Health Department went through and said they are fine. Sounds like typical Gunner propaganda to me. Plus, the arrogance of that last paragraph has secured my NO vote every single time it is placed on the ballot.


Communications director.....minister of propaganda.

Is that position first on the list of jobs to be chopped?


"They knew that some individuals would say they had their priorities wrong…athletics before academics. But, the reality was the Board was still working through the right way to solve the academic facility issue when the Athletic Boosters approached them the second time. After asking the Boosters to wait for a comprehensive plan during the first offer, the Board felt the track and stadium facilities could wait no longer."

In other words, they knew that taxpayers wouldn't approve, so they took their money and did what they wanted with it.


Be like the berlin milan school board. School board member jodi harris is using tax dollars to mail absentee ballets to all the people that they know dont own a home. My son got an absentee ballet from her in the mail but guess what. I did not. They are using my money to mail these so they can take more money from me. If someone from outerspace landed today and i told them this underhanded move. They would say..are they going to be arrested. do a story about this Sandusky Register it would be a huge story. Or maybe i should call carl monday


The March 2013 Perkins Pirate School Report states the board" struggle with how to answer the opponents question on the right to vote on the issue."

Their answer is we have decided and you don't get a vote and majority rule does not apply in Perkins school district. They have orchestrated a situation to take away your right to vote.

First, I take offense to being called an opponent of the schools because I believe the right to vote supersedes any decision of the school board.

Second, how can any American accept this blatant attempt to reduce your rights? How dare you school board members!

Americans have been fighting to keep those rights for over 200 years. I will not give up those rights to a bunch of nickel and dime ballerinas. Are your rights for sale?

Keep your propaganda. Now, I'm upset.


I don't like to be lied to, and Mr. Gunner is a LIAR! He has transfered money from one acct to get funds for land to purchase for his new schools, and then claims Perkins is broke! Tells us the schools are in critical condition, which was proven false by the health dept. Those buildings are not bad at all, but might require some maintenance. Now he is telling us we need to make all these cuts which are not in the best interest of our children. The only thing Mr. Gunner cares about is rebuilding and doing it on the backs of the tax payers. People are hurting and have lost jobs in this area. Now HE is cutting more jobs to get what he wants. My grandmother used to say," A thief is a liar, and a liar is a thief"! Thats you Mr. Gunner!


I have a good idea on how Perkins could save money. Make cuts to the School Board's salaries starting with Superintendant Gunner. Cut their salaries by 3/4. Maybe cut some of these positions. Keep them on as part time employees. That would save Perkins allot of money! They would move on to where the money is, and maybe then we could get others in there who would be for the people and their children of this community.


Something does not make sense here-- will the building be built if levy fails or not?


Just In!!!! Gunner is turning in His resignation at the next Board meeting!


April fools, unfortunately.


Now that I've been branded an "opponent" of the schools by Mr. Gasteier and Mr. Gunner for taking a stance that puts American voting rights over the school board I might as well fill their need as a bad guy.

The "PerkinsPirate" propaganda piece from March 2013 states "You will have secured high quality school facilities for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond."

Or, you have taken away your children's, grandchildren's and great grandchildren's right to vote and control their own density for their future. You have put them in a tax servitude position on a local level forever.

"This ongoing ability to upgrade or replace buildings without continuous bond issues before the community is one of the major reasons the board chose to move the "Inside Millage".

Here is the real reason the millage was moved! The school board doesn't want to have to deal with the public through vote. Don't we have enough taxation through the federal and state government without control? Do you really want to have the same situation on the local level?

Their whole program is based on "the best projection" , "the time frame is contingent" but in the same breath saying Perkins will not need to pass another bond issue for new facilities in the future. Read into these statements. We can't guarantee anything but we can guarantee no new bond issues. Come on.

So, based on the cost comparison schedule on page 6 of the "PerkinsPirate" are you willing to save $8.46 per month to give up your vote and control of school finances?

My ability to vote is worth more to me than that amount. What do you say?


The superintendent and school board have created a situation where a voter must oppose an operating levy if they don't agree with the building of a new school or the loss of voting ability on that issue.

You maybe for a new operating levy to "support the kids" but due to principle you must vote against that levy. The superintendent and school board hope you don't value your principles.

I am very disappointed in our school board making me chose between my principles and the "kids".

Sorry, my principles override your underhanded method of eliminating American's vote.

BW1's picture

Well said, DSG - they tried to force the voters to be subordinate to them. The best thing for "the kids" is for their parents and neighbors to demonstrate resolve and show the board they will not stand for that.

If the levy fails, the board has two choices - they can move the inside millage back into the operating fund, or run out of operating budget and have the state take over and relieve them of their duties.
The funds to run the schools through the end of the school year were already collected as the second half of 2012 property taxes, and then they have the summer to resolve their dilemma, so claims that it will harm the kids are a load of crap. REGARDLESS of the levy outcome, this year's funding is secure. Remember, even if the levy passed, they wouldn't see a dime of new money until at least 2014, so it's not like the sky will fall.


Do they have a civics class at the high school? Do they have an American History class at the high school? Have they changed the curriculum of both to accept the new version of Bill of Rights and the Constitution by the Perkins Board of Education?