Mar 25, 2013

Will area highway speed limits increase?

I've noticed that some Ohio lawmakers are pushing to increase speed limits on various highways. Will that occur in our area? Murray from Bellevue

A few legislatures are supporting House Bill 51, which centers on increasing the speed limit to 70 mph on some rural highways.

But any proposed increase to 70 mph shouldn't occur anywhere around Erie, Huron, Ottawa or Sandusky counties, Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said.

The proposed increase is suggested for interstates on the federal highway system, outside of urban locations. This would include interstates 71, 75, 77, 90 and others.

The Ohio Turnpike, which is interstates 80 and 90, is already 70 mph.

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I drove to KY last week on 71, they are working on making it three lane this side of Columbus. Most people are running 70-73 anyway, I would say change to 70 in the three lane areas and finish the others then switch. It is 60 at RT 82 Strongsville but there is a lot of congestion from there to the inner belt with a lot more exits, so like 480, 60 is safe but some will fly anyway, therefore revenue for the cities : )


Thanks for the info. We were planning a trip toward that area soon. Now I know what the traffic will be like down that way and the speed limits. Not looking forward to that run. Thanks again.

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Drive safe Wm, it is not a bad ride, just some lane changing north of Columbus with construction. Try to go through there after work hours and it moves freely. Cincinnati was very pretty, some nice photo ops of down town on way through as well. Have fun!