Mar 21, 2013

Are longer or new runways touching down at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport?

With the recent announcement that Griffing Flying Service will move its operations to the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport in Port Clinton, we have been hearing that the Port Clinton airport will have a major runway addition, affecting Christy Chapel Road, Tall Timbers Campground and some nearby businesses to make room for the extension. Is this true? Dan on Christy Chapel Road.

Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport director Stan Gebhardt answered five questions the Register posed to him in response to this inquiry:

Q: Will the east-west runway be lengthened?

SG: There are no plans currently to lengthen the east-west runway at Erie Ottawa Regional Airport.

Q: How many runways does the airport have? How long are they?

SG: The airport has two runways: east-west, 9-27, which is 5,640 feet long; and north-south, 18-36, which is 4,000 feet long.
Q: With the added traffic of Griffing Flying Service coming to the regional airport, are there concerns about handling the extra traffic?
SG: We have no concerns on handling the additional traffic. Griffing has operated all domestic island flights from Erie Ottawa during the winter months for the last several years. In 2012, the airport had over 4,000 flight arrivals.
Q: Are there plans to expand the runways in the near future?
SG: To answer this question accurately we would need to employ our engineering firm. Runway design is engineering intensive. To extend the runway would require land acquisition also.  Todays cost (a multimillion-dollar expense) to replace would be staggering.
Q: Is it feasible to expand the runways?
SG: Feasible is a relative word. To extend the runway sufficiently to accommodate larger commercial jets, probably not. The runway length is sufficient to handle most corporate jets currently.
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Sounds like an attorney answered those questions.

The Bizness

A simple, "No, that s**t would be expensive." would have been sufficient.




There isn't a need to extend the runway. We are not a scheduled cargo handling or scheduled passenger airport. Obviously this doesn't include any charters If anything, they need to update from an ASOS to an AWOS and add an ILS to compliment the NDB aproach.


Why is it that (some) people like to use acronyms as if the rest of us (layman) know what they mean?..

its like me saying: "I was hired by the STL (of a department store) to work AP for ETL's, LOD's and TL's where periodically I need to communicate with the APBP to keep the TM's in check so they dont misprice NOF items and cause unnecessary shortage; because then the IC will need to step in and send an IS to sort the problem out... jeeeeeesh!