Mar 18, 2013

When will Rye Beach Road near Hy-Miler get paved?

I'm curious as to when the city of Huron will complete the lengthy construction project on Rye Beach Road near the intersection at Cleveland Road. They started it lat last year, made a huge mess of the far right lane and now I haven't seen anyone doing anything for several weeks yet the lane is still closed. Tim from Huron

Huron city manager Andy White provided the following answer:

He's referencing a water main break repair completed this winter. An old line on Rye Beach in front of the Hy-Miler failed and was replaced. It was a very difficult fix because of traffic and weather.

The project is complete with the exception of placement of final asphalt and grading. The material will not be available until the asphalt batch plants open later this spring with warmer weather. Currently, no asphalt is available and cold patch fill is not as durable for heavy traffic. The project was only completed because of the water main break. It was not planned.

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Not to mention, union workers at prevailing wage never work in inclement weather.

Not Yer Pa

Probably YES voters.

Good 2 B Me

So, just leave a canyon to drive through instead of a temporary fix. Good call Huron.

Darwin's choice

White doesn't have to drive thru there so........canyon !


Driving that stretch often, I would say that metal plates over the hole would be smoother than that cold patch mess that they tried to lay down. Holy Smokes!!


Hopefully they order extra asphalt. We need to steal some to shut up the cry babies on fifth street in Sandusky.

Yellow Snow

Wasn't there a major break less than 2 years ago in this same location?

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That whole intersection was torn up for a very long time not long ago, there must be a lot going on underground in that area under the surface!


You don't see the contradiction in your statement?

"That whole intersection was torn up for a very long time not long ago"

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No! The entire intersection was torn up for a long time, like an entire summer, and it was not that long ago that it had happened. So when do you make productive or positive statements here or do you just like to dig on others posts?


Yogi Berra wouldn't think so.

If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be.
Yogi Berra


I see no contradiction to the statement, blues. It might not be the best choice of phrasing but it's certainly not contradictory.