Mar 14, 2013

Where can I recycle for free in Sandusky?

I had a phone call from a Sandusky resident wondering where he can take recycling. He has too much to put in the bins around downtown. I could not remember if the city closed all its recycling spots? Hollie from Sandusky

There are two primary locations city residents can dispose of recycled materials for free. They're located on:

 First Street near the Sandusky Water Plant and the baseball field. If you're heading north on Cedar Point Drive, or the causeway toward Cedar Point, take a right onto First Street.

Marquette Street across from Lions Park near Cement Avenue, where the city's general services center is located.

Both centers accept most common recycled material such as plastics, glass, newspapers, magazines and mixed office paper.

There's another option as well — but operators of these bins forbid anyone from dumping massive amounts of recycled items in them.

Public recycling company Greener Corners installed about 30 bins throughout downtown Sandusky. The bins accept all the items mentioned above, however, they're intended for someone to place that empty soda can or Register they just finished reading.

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Hoss McGee

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