Mar 11, 2013

How do I join the Sandusky Rollergirls?

How do I join the Sandusky Rollergirls? Michelle from Huron

It's actually pretty easy to sign up.

Register reporter Jessica Cuffman, who is also the club's co-president, provided the following answer to join:

If you're interested, just show up at practice at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Erie County Fairgrounds. They've got loaner gear to get you on skates right away. Practices tailored for rookies are designed to teach you all the basics, from stopping and falling properly; skating backwards; and taking and giving those big hits crowds go crazy for.

The first month of practices are free.

As your skill level improves, you'll be asked to join on of the team's regular practices. Once you pass the formal minimum skills test set out by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, you'll be eligible to play in games, granted you meet all other requirements set out by the league's rules.

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Good 2 B Me

Q: How does "staking backwards" work?


You take the "k" and switch it with the "t" and BAM!!


They need a water boy?


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Just Hayley

Have no fear! We cover the spectrum of body types, for those who appreciate strong women in all forms.. playing a fast paced, hard hitting game ;)

And we are always looking for Refs and non-skating officials for those who want to be apart of it all and help out. Male or female. Water boys/girls, just way more awesome and much more appreciated =)