Mar 8, 2013

Why aren't there any Tim Hortons cafes around here?

Why are there no Tim Hortons in the area? John from Huron

We're not sure why there isn't a Tim Hortons — a Canadian-based cafe, coffee and donut shop — around here. With other coffee and eateries recently opening or planning on debuting, you'd think there would be a market for a popular chain such as Tim Hortons in the area.

Company spokeswoman Brynn Burton, however, seemed optimistic about Tim Hortons coming to the area soon.

"While we do not have plans to expand into the Sandusky market at this time, we are always looking to grow and serve more guests in areas where we have a presence. We have a number of restaurants in the Toledo area. Toledo is an important market to us and our growth there is part of our overall strategy."

We asked the question last week but it drew a lot of positive response: What stores seen across the country would you like to see come to the area?




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Drive over to Fremont. They have one on state street next to the Arby's

Don Lee

I always thought a Waffle House would do well in or near Santown, either on 250 or at 101 and 2.

Rusty of Sandusky

Eat'n Park


I think a jumba juice would be right for the area

Good 2 B Me

Jack in the Box, IHOP, White Castle, Waffle House, Donato's. The list goes on and on. The only issue is how many people complain about these businesses before they even open. Sonic was going to be huge...then everyone griped and complained. We canno have it both ways people. If we bring businesses in, we have to be happy with just that, not being able to handpick your very favorite ones!


What-A-Burger. Every time I'm in Houston, I pound down on some.


I LOVE Whataburger!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ FlyBoy86,
Whataburger is not to be confused with “What-A-Burger,” a group of restaurants in mid-Atlantic states.

Rod Farva

Raising canes chicken



Super Judge

Hooters would never work, there is not enough talent in the area to staff one.

Rod Farva

They could just operate in the summer and hire all the eastern European chicks from cedar point

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ super judge,
No, Hooters requires a location with at least 100,000-150,000 people within a five mile radius.


Buy your own franchise and start 1 up. Their coffee is nasty anyway.

Ellis dee

Los pollos hermanos


I would go with the waffle house.

Stonecrusher closed. If you've never had, you owe it to yourself. FAR better than In and Out...blech!


I would like to see Rosie's W%)RE house Open up here Yummy...........


Waffle House!


I would love to see a chick-fil-a outside of cedar point.

Perkins Resident

Pollo Felize, Bojangles, Waffle House, In-n-out burger.


Love Bojangles


Because you are not a Canadian and there coffee tastes like an ashtray.


I think we just need another Subway. Six just isn't getting it done in this town. (Or did I miscount?)


Boars Nest or Mel's Diner.....


Noodles & Company...something different

Kottage Kat

Criss steak house