Feb 28, 2013

When's LongHorn Steakhouse opening?

When is LongHorn Steakhouse going to open? Annette from Bellevue and Christine from Castalia

The locally based LongHorn Steakhouse, being built on Milan Road next to Olive Garden by Ohio 2, should open by early April.

Company spokeswoman Vanessa Tostes said the popular eatery will create up to 100 new jobs for the surrounding community.

Business reporter Melissa Topey plans to write a more in-depth story on the opening soon.

This is the first LongHorn Steakhouse in Erie County. Can you think of any other popular restaurants missing from the local area that should come here? Let us know in the comments section.

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Cool to know, sweetness! I'll stop in the next time I'm in town.

Rod Farva

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I hope you aren't referring to me.


Wait a second, shouldn't trustafagian start the comment first then you do the follow up? What did you two decide to change things up? If thats the case, who will be reaching around who tonight?

Rod Farva

My schedule shows your turn


Not until he addresses his smegma issue.

Rod Farva

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I must say, I do enjoy the back and forth comedy banter between you two. There are two of you right? It would take a sick mind for one person to create 2 separate signons for the sake of a comedy routine don't you think? Sold on Fox would agree wouldn't ya!


Thanks Tmm. Yes, there are two of us. We do it for the kids. Just seeing their smiles make it all worthwhile. Please feel free to jump in the banter at any time. Just be creative!

The Bizness


The Bizness

I find their banter hilarious as well

However you sir, are a negative nelly


Boston Market and even Chick-Fil-A for fast food!


We need a place that makes pizza and delivers. And the Demmas did reopen a couple years ago I think. Just found out about that 2 months ago. That Chicken Parm taste like it did back in the late 80's. Got C/O twice, pretty good. I wish they would run a special one day a week for spaghetti only.


I would love to see joes crab shack,popeyes,or jamba juice.


A Planet Hollywood needs to be located on the Bay in downtown Sandusky. Clearly visible from Cedar Point, such a draw would surly bring million$ into the city proper.



Rusty of Sandusky

I would like to see Max & Erma's come back and would REALLY enjoy having a bd's Mongolian Grill in town.


White Castle!!!!!!!!!!!!


Red Robin, White Castle's, PF Chang's, Trader Joes, or Chick Fil A would be awesome!!


Don't we have a chick fil a its just in cp when its open?


Golden Coral, Bd's Mongolian Grill, White Castle


I would like to see the Market come back. Maybe Red Lobster will move.


I wouldn't mind a Culvers their butterburgers are the bomb!

joshua206's picture

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Geppetto's Ribs and a Rascal House Pizza. Both downtown.