Feb 28, 2013

When's LongHorn Steakhouse opening?

When is LongHorn Steakhouse going to open? Annette from Bellevue and Christine from Castalia

The locally based LongHorn Steakhouse, being built on Milan Road next to Olive Garden by Ohio 2, should open by early April.

Company spokeswoman Vanessa Tostes said the popular eatery will create up to 100 new jobs for the surrounding community.

Business reporter Melissa Topey plans to write a more in-depth story on the opening soon.

This is the first LongHorn Steakhouse in Erie County. Can you think of any other popular restaurants missing from the local area that should come here? Let us know in the comments section.

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The Bizness

Not a restaurant, but I would love to see a trader joes go downtown below the renovated reiger.


3 buck Chuck would be a big seller

The Bizness

Trustafarian you read my mind, as always, too bad they keep removing your posts

Rod Farva

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There will probably be some prime property opening up at the NE corner of Campbell and Strub in the next few years. It'll be expensive, however, as they just spent 3.4 million to renovate.

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Trader Joe's has already been approached by a local commercial property/business owner with the means to pull it off. They said Sandusky is not in their plans.


That's a great idea!


Trader Joes is needed. Restaurants will come and go


I think a Dave & Buster's would do great!


Trader Joes is needed. Restaurants will come and go


How about a Bass Pro Shop or a Fin Feather Fur Outfitters? Tired of having to drive so far all the time! Dicks just doesn't cut it.


Trader Joes, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Skyline.


There was a gander mountain in the mall, it didn't do so well and closed about 2 or 3 years ago.


Gander Mountain the sporting goods store? Where was it in the mall?




How about a HOOTERS !



Good 2 B Me

+1 More!


There's already been talk about a Hooters in the past, would never make it

Hoss McGee

The real question is how long will Ryan's be able to stay open after this place opens


Who cares, Ryan's is terrible.


iHop would kill the diet. Jack-in-the-Box would be even worse (though I don't think they come this far east, thank god). Doubt me? Have you TRIED an Ultimate Cheeseburger?


How'd you know I was on a diet? lol

swiss cheese kat

@ SamAdams
Fail, Jack-in-the-Box is in West Chester Ohio.

Eph 2 8-10

Gold Bond Chili and Mr. Hero


You mean Gold Star? Not sure I'd want to eat chilli with Gold Bond in it. ;-)

And there used to be a Mr Hero in Sandusky. It obviously didn't last. (It was where that yucky Mexican restaurant on Perkins Ave is/was, by Berardi's).


Would love a Trader Joes or World Market....
Carrabba's Italian Grill....I do not care for Olive Garden at all!


You need to take the ride, only 45 min to either. Make it a evening.

police chaser

White Castle....but i do agree with Fin Feather Fur Outfitters

Gyro Cart Guy

Burger Chef, Scotto's, L & K