Mar 6, 2013

Will anything get built next to Sandusky's Cinemark Stadium?

What is going on in the old movie theater next to the new movie theater behind the Sandusky Mall? I walked by the front of it whilegoing to a movie and noticed a bunch of model trains and railroad signs. Dave from Perkins Township.

The Cafaro Co. owns and operates the Sandusky Mall, Cinemark Stadium and the abandoned theater adjacent to Cinemark. The old theater closed just before Cinemark debuted in November 2010.

Company spokesman Joe Bell said they're aggressively marketing the empty property.

"Our real estate department has been looking for a new tenant for sometime," Bell said. "Right now, there is nothing solid as far as a lease agreement in process."

We're not sure what you saw as far as model trains. If anyone sees anything in the building, feel free to let us know about it. You can tell us — and better yet, attach a picture — by emailing the Mailbag.

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Tear the buidling down. It is nothing but an eye sore!

The Hamburglar

An adult movie theater would be nice. Not as nice as the old drive-in was though.

Hoss McGee

That could be a sticky situation

The Hamburglar

I hope they put in the reclining seats like the new theater has. More headroom.

Hoss McGee

I don't know about reclining seats. May interfere with somebody behind you. Don't want to be that close to junk!

2cents's picture

Why would they want a theater that would compete with a theater. The new one would be the draw and the old one would close after a year. Strange ideas, and the building is designed for such. I just thought when the new one was done they would bulldoze the old one to save on property tax.


your comment makes sense. you're not gonna fit in too well on this blog..

2cents's picture

I rarely do, I just like to make people think : )


Paul Reubens would certainly be first in line.


How about a Hooters?? Watch a movie next door, get hungry and come eat and get a live show?


Word on the street was Cinemark originally wanted a larger theater in sandusky, but decided on the current size due to Carmike opening a new theater around the same time. Since that theater got nixed, why not offer the building up to Cinemark and see if they would be interested in adding it to the current building and renovating. Maybe installing an IMAX or a few more screens. try the Dine-In theater like AMC is doing. Love going to the movies and would enjoy an even more complex theater here in town!


Heard this from a reliable source when I was downtown feeding the pigeons. The guy sleeping under the tree said they are going to make it a indoor year round Zoo. That actually would be nice.

The Answer Person

the guy that owns the old wolf hardware said he was putting a train museum in there.

Phil Packer

Ice skating rink.


I think this town could really use a dog fighting venue.... or police target practice. Maybe both!!