Feb 27, 2013

What's going on with Tuesday's traffic and the west-end overpass?

There was a major traffic delay midday Tuesday. Do you know what that was about? Jesse from Norwalk.

Several Ohio Department of Transportation vehicles transported beams needed to further develop the west-end overpass project, located at Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road in Sandusky.

Major traffic delays occurred just before noon Tuesday. State highway patrol vehicles stopped traffic as trucks drove north on U.S. 250 until they reached Ohio 2 by Sonic and Maui Sands. The trucks then accessed the highways for a bit before exiting at Ohio 101 to drop the beams off.

State workers still expect to debut the west-end overpass by July 2014.

The $11.4 million project, funded mostly with state tax dollars, would help streamline traffic on the city's west side, allowing motorists to bypass railroad crossings. A road elevated above the ground will connect Tiffin Avenue and George Street, running parallel to Venice Road. 

For 40 years, local residents complained about delays caused by trains rumbling — and often times stopping — over the tracks, forcing the crossing gates to drop and cars to clog the streets while waiting. The delays are even more troublesome for emergency vehicles and the drivers who need to jet through the area.

Sandusky officials are also considering naming the overpass after someone. Some suggestions include slain Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn and fallen Army Spc. Charles Odums.

Do you have a suggestion as to who the overpass should be named after, if anyone at all? If so, let us know in the comments section.


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, [honor railroad history in area] name it after the first railroad in Sandusky area.


Wiredmama222, the SR's greatest journalist, or Matt Bellamy.


Name it after Craig Smith. He's been running trains in that area for years.



Tsu Dho Nimh

Fallen Heros would cover many great people from the area.

T. A. Schwanger

I agree


That's a great idea. It would also cover many eras. Hope the city considers it.


Name it after the dog the gun happy cop executed


Triple Crown overpass and charge THEM for all the previous years of HELL !!


In honor of the first Railroad in Ohio[ was in Sandusky]The Mad River and Lake Erie R.R.


or [after the original yard] Bay Yard overpass


Give it a name that people will use - one that means something. I would suggestt "West End Overpass", or Venice Overpass''. It's no honor to anyone if, in ten or twenty years, people will say "Who ?".

Don S

40 years is an understatement !!!!!! The west enders have been complaining about this RR crossing ever sence the coal docks have blocked the roadway with rail cars !!!!!!