Mar 1, 2013

Will Sandusky celebrate its 200th anniversary?

Since the city of Sandusky celebrated a sesquicentennial (150th anniversay) in 1968, would you happen to know if there are any social groups, committes, etc. within the city currently planning to have a bicentennial celebration for 2018? Chris from Sandusky

Nobody down at City Hall is currently planning for Sandusky's 200th birthday party.

But like people who RSVP after the drop-dead date, plans can always change.

Sandusky city commission clerk Kelly Kresser provided the following answer: "There is nothing planned that I am aware of, but I will ask around. I know the city has a floral mound reserved in Washington Park that year."

Volunteers interested in coordinating activities for the celebration can contact her by email at or call 419-627-5850.

We're not sure if social groups or committees are contributing in any way. Maybe people can enlighten us on any such participation, or offer suggestions as to how the city should mark the monumental occasion, by commenting below.



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I remember the festivities in 1968. It was really great. I hope the city and other organizations step forward to make the 200th anniversary memorable for the children of Sandusky.

The Hamburglar

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You should try get 8 more :-)


You took too big a bite!!!

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Hmmm I am going to have to look into helping with this!


I seem to recall that Sandusky also celebrated a centennial in 1924.

Rod Farva

That was a helluva party!