Feb 26, 2013

Why can't I access Perkins Township meeting summaries online?

Q: Why are Perkins Township meeting minutes not getting placed online? Will they get placed online?

A: This question was asked eight months ago — and the situation hasn't improved one bit.

But several community members still ask Register reporters why Perkins Township officials don't upload meeting minutes, or summaries of public gatherings, online. We felt it was worth reviving the question while providing a status update.

A quick search on the township's website shows meeting minutes since August 2012 have yet to be uploaded.

In June 2012, the following questions were sent to fiscal officer Jane Gildenmeister, the elected official responsible for placing documents online. Her answers follow:

Q: Why are the meeting minutes not getting placed online?

JG: In process.

Q: When will the meeting minutes from this past year get placed online?

JG: In process.

Those answers she gave eight months ago still hold true today, where no apparent progress has been achieved to solve this problem.

Two weeks ago, Gildenmeister admitted she's fallen behind in her work and said "I don't feel I'm doing the best job for our staff, our resident or for our board."

She then asked trustees for $15,000 to hire a part-time worker to help her with this task and several others.

Her request for employment, however, came about two weeks after trustees eliminated seven positions and laid off six employees due to "lack of funds."

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Gyro Cart Guy

When will the Township combine with Sandusky?

"In process"


This has a Barbara Johnson ring to it.


The minutes are public records. If they are not on line, just ask to be placed on the distribution list for the minutes. The township has to produce those records upon request. You don't have to wait for them to be placed on the website. If you have further problems, go to the township attorney and have him talk to the clerk about handing over public records. In the meantime, the township needs to get the clerk some training on public records.


That sounds like a lot of work. Personally, I would rather just sit at home and complain.


Funny Diane Schaefer had that job for years and had no problem with getting the work done.


Didn't the township just add part time help for the clerk while cutting back on police and road workers?

Didn't the township just build a new office complex?

Didn't that help?


Wow, does anyone find this hilarious? To type and upload would take an hour a week at the most. She cant seem to get to in 8 months? What does she do that she needs an assistant?