Feb 25, 2013

Where would new tenants inside the Rieger Hotel park?

I am always glad to see anything being done to the downtown area that improves it. If this latest plan does happen, where will parking be? Shirley from Perkins Township

The Rieger Hotel development deal is a definite go. In early 2012, Columbus-based Buckeye Community Hope Foundation acquired $8 million to transform the old hotel on Jackson and West Market streets in downtown Sandusky into apartments for senior citizens.

There's actually plenty of nearby — and free — parking options, to accomodate the new tenants, including:

• A city-maintained lot across the street, capable to store around 200 cars.

• The multi-story parking garage attached to the Erie County Office Building.

• On-street parking throughout Jackson and West Market streets.

Crews will build 37 apartments. Up to 100 people could live in these dwellings when they open later this year.

It's unknown exactly how the downtown parking landscape will change once the Rieger reopens for business. 

But take this into consideration: Even on Friday and Saturday nights, most notably in the summer when people board boats to the islands and park their cars for the weekend, there's still plenty of places to park around the area.

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I would not rent an apartment without inside secure parking until I get too old to drive.

Licorice Schtick

Downtown will just have to figure out how to survive without you, then.


I thought new commercial/residential projects had to have a certain amount of parking directly tied to and adjacent to it like 2 spots for every 1 apartment rather than relying on public parking lots.

Licorice Schtick

Um, why did you think that?


I thought these were supposed to be "swanky pads" for seniors. This does not sound swanky to me.

Truth or Fiction

This project has always looked to the City owned parking lot at the corner of Jackson and Market Street to handle its parking needs.


Tear down the building across the street. Build a secure parking garage with a walkway above the street. I see no negatives with that.


The Register building?


Hey, Matt! Great Idea! LOL


sorry double post


And do we really think that seniors are going to walk around downtown Sandusky to get to their car? So, assuming then, these are people who are not going to have cars, I'm seriously hoping this place will have accommodations to serve these residents (cafeteria, salon, etc.) - otherwise, I'm not sure who buys in to this.


how much is one of these 'swanky pads' going to cost? I might be interested and I don't mind parking across the street. don't need a salon either. the 50s hairdo went out a long time ago (please tell grandma). what do they need a cafeteria for? can't cook for themselves in their own apartment? then they need assisted living.

Swamp Fox

City Slicker great idea, its about time that space is used for something useful.

Andy Ouriel


Tentative monthly prices for rooms:

• $389 for a large studio apartment, four in total.

• $499 for one-bedroom apartments, 16 in total, from 650 square feet to 751 square feet.

• $599 for two-bedroom apartments, 17 in total, from 850 square feet up to 1,000 square feet.

Plans also call for commercial enterprises, such as a restaurant or office space, to occupy the first floor.

For more questions, contact the Buckeye Community Hope Foundation at 614-942-2020


At these prices they should include garages.


I'm sure the old folks are just gonna LOVE Bike Week - that is, if this project will ever happen.
What better for elderly to reside than next to the Crow Bar. Hopefully they will put a prescription drug store in the building.


I see parking becoming a problem for the Reiger. The Reiger has the county parking garage, off street parking, or the Jackson Street lot to park in. Can you see the elderly walking from the county parking garage? As for parking on the street, the Register employees have taken up most of those spaces on the street. The Jackson Street lot is taken up by tourists and the State Theater and this lot can be packed at times. One of the farmer's markets is also there in the summertime. Should be fun trying to find a space. How do they haul their groceries into the building parking so far from the building?
It looks like a challenge for the elderly that no one was thinking about.


Can you imagine carrying groceries across the street in the poring down rain. Lmao! The city planning did a bang up job on this one!


I do believe the Rieger owns the lot behind the building, not sure

T. A. Schwanger


According to the City's Development Department, the Downtown Central Business District is exempt from parking regulations requiring so many parking spaces per residential development. Buckeye does own a small parking lot and, depending on clientele, may need additional parking.

Several years back, there was a different attempt at developing the Reiger which included the City leasing X amount of parking spaces in the Jackson Street parking lot for Reiger parking.


Apartments for senior citizens in Downtown Sandusky??