Feb 22, 2013

How much was spent out-of-pocket on the new Perkins stadium?

Can you tell me a true number of taxpayer money that went into Perkins new football field? I know a lot was donations. Have heard rumors but nothing firm. Thank you Mike from Perkins.

I sent this question over to Perkins Schools for an answer. Superintendent Jim Gunner returned replied with the following.

He writes: "The bids on the stadium project came in a $3.4 million.  The athletic boosters donated $1.7 million in money or in-kind contributions towards the project.  The Board paid the other $1.7 million for the completion of the project."


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But we are now broke!

Gyro Cart Guy

I'm sure the employees who get laid off will love going to the new stadium to be reminded of where their salaries went.


Well there it is folks! And this guy thinks we are going to pass a levy??? Vote NO on BOTH levies!


And when he says "The Board paid the other $1.7 million for the completion of the project." That means WE, the Taxpayers paid for the completion of the project! Unless the board members pulled these funds out of their own bank accounts!


The Perkins Schools Board only paid to the stadium what it would have cost to renovate the old stadium! Everything else was donations! You would have paid either way!


The Perkins School Board should have used that money for education instead of building a new stadium!

I'm Done

Let's say that you are correct, why did they hide the fact that they did? Because they knew how the community felt about the project.


There was an offer from Sandusky Schools to use their stadium for a few years. The BOE and the Administration declined.


Actually because SMCC uses it there was not enough time for all three schools!


With all the financial and enrollment advantages Perkins enjoys (1.7 million from their boosters?) You'd certainly think Perkins could find a conference with schools more their size to compete against. You'd think they'd welcome the challenge.

Certainly the historically small school SBC doesn't pose that challenge any longer, does it?

There can't be much glory in playing schools with 1/4 or 1/2 your enrollment that don't have millions of dollars to spend on bleachers.

Gyro Cart Guy

GCF - Love the name, but I think you are off point. This is about my property taxes, and the teachers we are going to lose. I don't care if Coach Jason plays against Oak Harbor or Lakeside, this was a collossal waste of taxpayer dollars. What I think we both agree on is that roasted lamb meat is NOT a waste of money. Care to continue this debate once the Cart opens?


Don't forget Gunner and the school board transferred operating money to permanent improvement so they can build a school without your vote. The May levy is to replace that money. Vote NO!


This is a general questions: Question one: does the board have to ask permission to do that? Just wondering as it seems rather like a robbing peter to pay paul kind of tactic without the benefit of having your ducks in a row.

Why don't they just "vote" to transfer it back if that is the case. It seems if they can do it one way, why not go the opposite direction? Would save a lot of grief, right?

Second question: Can you do a recall petition on a school board and/or the superintendent if it is found that that person is leading the school in a direction the majority of the parents do not want to go? If you can, why don't they just do it?

I would really like to know from someone who actually has worked with or has knowledge of the Perkins Board of Education....no offense meant to anyone.


How much money was transferred? Where did the $1.7 Million come from??? This is getting worse with every article the Register publishes!


The Perkins Schools Board only paid to the stadium what it would have cost to renovate the old stadium! Everything else was donations!

Gyro Cart Guy

Why didn't they just use the $1.7 million in donations to renovate the stadium? Then they would have $1.7 million left to operate and not raise my taxes.


Your taxes are not even high compared to so many! Stop expecting more and paying less! Can't have you cake and eat it too!!


LETS see the quot they got to repair the old stadium. I be there NEVER was one. Again, I would ask ware are the quots to repaire the school?? Bet there are none. We should just take there word it will cost to much. NO TRUST.


Go to a board meeting and start asking, but most of you won't!


THEN WHY DIDNT THEY JUST RENOVATE THE OLD ONE. Bet it would not have taken a million of tax payers money. OH YEA, then we could not keep up with Huron or Sandusky.


i also wondered how much of getting a new stadium was because of huron and sandusky.


The Perkins School Board should have used that money for education instead of a new stadium!


They did not need $1.7 million to renovate. They had some insurance co. claim the bleachers were unsafe...I'll give you that, but replacement bleachers don't cost $1.7 million. Everything else was a perk. Stop drinking the kool-aid!

Common Sense

It was not only th ebleachers that were totally unsafe. The track was not safe and needed to be rebuilt so that athletes would not be injured. In fact, the track team spent at least a year hosting events (if not more) at other area tracks due to the structure. The construction of the new track would have meant moving bleachers, fences, and intrusion of the sidelines of the football field (already small). I wonder how many times you were in the old stadium prior to its renewal. These"perks" may soon bring in revenue by way of OSHAA. What will you have to complain about then?


I still have a lot to complain about. I live in your district, I've been at the stadium close to 1.7 million times! Perkins bragged they were going to get private donations and budgeted a $2 million (total) stadium, yet went over budget and had to pay out of the general fund. How long will it take the OSHAA to pay that difference? Not in my lifetime, and now cuts are being made to staff. Is the stadium more important than people? Other complaints...lies about mold, asbestos, lead paint, raw sewage....another complaint....moving inside millage to PI to build a tajmahal school next to your tajmahal stadium after the voters said NO....shall I go on?

dire wolf

re: common sense, maybe you could go tell all the teachers getting laid off, and their children that won't get fed, or have school sports to attend, that as soon as the checks from the OSHAA track "perks" clear a few years down the road, that it is possible that without any furthur misuse of funds, that there is a small chance that they can get their jobs back, and their children might get a fair education, and as long as those newly unemployed people keep paying their now higher taxes, they can continue on the very path that your BOE has led you on. Basically, just tell the families of the unemployed because of this to just quit complaining, and get out your checkbook. Did i get your point correctly?

Edwin Ison

OSHAA takes most of the ticket revenue. These events are not a windfall.


Vote Yes....not true. I was on the inside.


$1.7 million came from the general fund. Inside millage from operating money, used mostly for salaries/benefits, was moved to PI. Permanent Improvement money is used for technology, building maintenance, and in this case, a new school. Now they don't have enough money to operate...thus layoffs, threats of cuts, etc. The exact amount is a good question to ask.

Erie Countian

Oh what a tangled web you have woven, Mr. Gunner and Perkins BOE! You guys are experts at taxpayer money manipulation, and now you have gotten yourselves in deep. But hey, I have an idea...why don't we ask for more business donations to build a new high school, just like was done for the stadium that we will not be using because there will be no athletics at Perkins when the levy fails?! (But instead of the new building being called Perkins High School, it'll say "Kasper High School" in big, overblown red neon letters on the front of our school!)