Feb 22, 2013

How much was spent out-of-pocket on the new Perkins stadium?

Can you tell me a true number of taxpayer money that went into Perkins new football field? I know a lot was donations. Have heard rumors but nothing firm. Thank you Mike from Perkins.

I sent this question over to Perkins Schools for an answer. Superintendent Jim Gunner returned replied with the following.

He writes: "The bids on the stadium project came in a $3.4 million.  The athletic boosters donated $1.7 million in money or in-kind contributions towards the project.  The Board paid the other $1.7 million for the completion of the project."


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The true facts are...Perkins had enough donations to fix the problems with the old stadium without having to rob Peter to pay Paul. It wouldn't have cost the tax payers a dime and no one would have to worry about their job being cut. Over zealous board members decided moving money to build a grandiose stadium was more important than keeping qualified teachers in their jobs. Now Perkins will vote down a levy again all because of the smoke and mirror game that the board and Gunner played! Shame on you Gunner and klan!


Teachers aren't getting cut because of stadium! That money would have been used to repair the stadium.


Again whare are the quotes to say what it would have coast to repaire the stadium, I find hard to beleve to just repair or even replace with close to the samething would be 1.7 million.


Many businesses and governmental units have been forced to change to become more efficient. There's no justification for spending 1.7 million dollars for a new stadium when there is a need for money for educational purposes. And when there is also a stadium in close proximity available to be shared. The new stadium was a bad decision.

Another bad decision was the board's decision to move millage to build a new school. If the need is real, the board should have kept campaigning to make the case for the new building to the citizens of the township. Moving the millage after the voters had failed to support a levy for building was a slap in the face to the citizenry. Seems like a "we know better than you" attitude.

The board and Mr. Gunner have poisoned the well, and now want the people to drink the coolaid. Good luck with that.


Where is the accountability when the school can pay 1.7 million towards a stadium and not fix up the school and they are now asking for more money? They must think the average taxpayer is stupid.


People that money would have been used to repair the BOE didn't pay anymore then they had too!!


VoteYes is a band dork.


How mature are we?? Obviously not!


VoteNo is my hero.


While monies were spent to build the new stadium, the BOE was going to have to spend plenty to get the old stadium up to a suitable facility do the students and spectators would be safe. The stadium had deteriorated, after 50 years of use and exposure. Not unlike the current buildings.
For those who are calling for a new School Board, step up, the past three election cycles for open seats, there was no opposition, easy to be verbal now when no one wanted to step up over the past six years. Even the openings that were created when an opening presented its self was met with a few applicants. I respect you right to be heard and you passions, take it to the next level and be seen and heard at the BOE meetings, and listen to both sides, yes there are questions to be answered, but ask questions and make your own informed decision, voting no or yes should not be based on one thing you read in the paper, or online, or in a post, , but all of these as well as listening to people speak in person too, but that may take too much of ones time.


The school had enough outside donors to repair the stadium! This is something that most people don't know! The BOE kicked that can out of the way because they wanted this grandiose stadium! Only a select few really know the facts but we are speaking out now that the BOE is coming after taxpayer dollars!


Dark horse, I agree the avg taxpayer is misguided, we will bicker over spending an additional $100, $200 or more on taxes, but then will sit and be silent about energy costs. We all are paying over a $1000 more a year at the gas pump, than we were in recent years. If the group that posts here took that kind of passion and funneled it toward businesses and politicians higher up the food chain, well that would be something, or even accepting what state governements are doing that is impacting the schools and us. But again, that may take too much work, easier to sit around and bash the easy targets. Darkhorse, hope to see you and others at the next BOE meeting, start there then become vocal in front if others, just then the average taxpayer may find some courage if conviction and enmass work together to be heard, have impact and be the catalyst for change.


For the love of God, vote no.


Voteyes is a buffoon. That money WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SPENT. The BOE already stated the cost to repair would have been covered by private donations therefore the 1.7 million COULD have been left alone. But no, that's not how govt thinks, if we have it we MUST SPEND IT!


The school had enough outside donors to repair the stadium! This is something that most people don't know! The BOE kicked that can out of the way because they wanted this grandiose stadium! Only a select few really know the facts but we are speaking out now that the BOE is coming after taxpayer dollars!


Not sure how true that statement is. I never saw anything for donations to repair the old stadium. Everything was always about the new stadium. I highly doubt they would have received $1.7m in donations to just fix what they had.


It wasn't going to cost 1.7m to only fix the deteriorating conditions of the stadium. That amount was padded with other not needed upgrades. To fix the stands and bring up to ADA standards it would have cost much less.


For the sake of the children, vote no.


For the sake of the children, vote no? Obviously you don't have children or you don't care about them!


Don't burden the children with all this worthless debt! Vote no!


VoteYes is a teacher. Don't listen to her.


How about Huron Kalahari Campus or Perkins Firelands Hospital Campus or Sandusky Cedar Point Campus?

Rather than new astro-turf football fields, scoreboards and pro stadium style lights, these community minded organizations could have donated for educational facilities---remember it's about the kids.


I agree. Twenty years from now, as a Perkins grad is flipping burgers, they can tell the drive-thru customer in the BMW "I bet our football stadium was better than yours!"


This whole stadium debacle is yet another example of this school district having mixed priorities.

No fooling it's still a no from me. Plus a big, "No Confidence" vote if I could give one to the not-so super and the Bored (I know I wrote BORED) of Education.


Voting no on the renewal will be a great way to show your no confidence vote.


If private money funded half the stadium facility why can't the same process be used for other non-academic components of the new academy?

Music and Arts

What is good for the goose is good for the gander?


i'm tired of p.h.s. pleading proverty. they did not need a new stadium. they could have used the money to fix up what they had. live within their means, like everyone else has to do. they spend money they don't even have and then plead poverty and threaten teachers with loss of their jobs.


I need a little help here...I noticed that someone asked a while back regarding Gunner's quote that the Athletic Boosters kicked in for $1.7 million...didn't the band boosters kick in on that as well (I can't always keep up with these posts as my work and family happily keep me busy)? Either way, that's interesting for any boosters to have that kind of cash in an account, let alone have patrons like that. Is there a list that I can find to see who all donated to that?

Why is it this district has NO PROBLEM shelling out the money for sports yet haggles when it comes to spending on essential things? It has always had this problem for at least the 35 years that I remember.