Feb 22, 2013

How much was spent out-of-pocket on the new Perkins stadium?

Can you tell me a true number of taxpayer money that went into Perkins new football field? I know a lot was donations. Have heard rumors but nothing firm. Thank you Mike from Perkins.

I sent this question over to Perkins Schools for an answer. Superintendent Jim Gunner returned replied with the following.

He writes: "The bids on the stadium project came in a $3.4 million.  The athletic boosters donated $1.7 million in money or in-kind contributions towards the project.  The Board paid the other $1.7 million for the completion of the project."


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seems to me that if they are working with taxpayer money, they have a fiduciary responsibility to the public to do what is right do they not? Which means they need to put any funds back where they belong THEMSELVES.

And isn't it rather silly for the superintendent to threaten to end some sports like football or track after building a new stadium just last year? No one is that gullible, are they?


$1.7 million from the school board for a stadium ?? No money to run the school ???? The people in Perkins Twp need to look for a new school board and Superintendent. They got to go, all they seem to want is a "Gunner memorial School system " in stone in front of a new school.


They need to increase property taxes to keep up with higher costs. Perkins Township pays close to nothing in property tax..Example a home in Worthington Oh valued at approx. 160,000 pays 4000 a year in prop. tax...the same home in Perkins 2100. If you want maintain the "prestige" of Perkins Township and it's school systems your gonna have to start forking it over.


Forgive me this but...I want what you drink and smoke! These people around here don't have that kind of capital.

That is Columbus, this is Perkins....the housing here isn't even close to what there is in Worthington in most places and even if it were, that is a huge tax difference anyway....COLUMBUS ring a bell here?

Most can barely afford what they pay now and you want to see the taxes go up in Perkins to almost one and one half times what it is now???

Housing in Perkins will not be at the level of Worthington for quite some time to come, so neither will their taxes. To which I am sure there are many who breath a collective sigh of relief.

Prestige is one thing....trying to raise taxes to that level is pure fantasy. Again, forgive me for the beginning crack....but..


Well said! Perkins Local Schools pays one of the lowest school taxes around! Stop complaing!


Well Said! The Taxpayers do not want tax increases! Vote No!


VOTEYES, For some of us,its not ALL about the tax, (I said not all about, part is). Its the simple fact that there is NO trust for the Board or Mr Gunner to handel our money anymore. How can they build a footballl field, knowing the schoold needs so much work? Move money around after the voters told them no to a new school? Spent over $100,000.00 to move the BOE into the school a few years ago and now say its not safe? Now say we might not have sports in our new football field, have to lay off teachers. there is just no trust anymore its that simple.


Worthington Median income:::$75,600

Perkins Twsp Median income:::$57,000


Part of the problem in Erie County(and everywhere else) is property values went down...meaning less taxes...which equals less money for the schools and the city. Now was it necessary to pay 3.4 mill on a new stadium...absolutely not..when they need a new school.


The Perkins Schools Board only paid to the stadium what it would have cost to renovate the old stadium! Everything else was donations!


The Perkins School Board should have used those funds for education!


where is the outrage on the way the fed gov't is operated??? you are so upset with how perkins spent their money but don't care how the feds do it???

the fed gov't operates on the same smoke and mirror mantra only on a grander scheme!

Brick Hamland

Perkins2060 you really like to talk about taxes, I assume you must make a lot since it is a big issue. Personally I would rather pay taxes towards a new school in the township that I live in than support the millions on welfare and other federal government programs that have no benefit to any of the local tax payers. For example research on reproduction rates of squirrels in the Arizona desert, which is funded by federal dollars, aka our tax dollars.


Interesting reading below on "inside millage".. Question is----can Perkins BOE right this wrong by moving the money back to where it belongs?

Anybody know??????



"The athletic boosters donated $1.7 million in money or in-kind contributions towards the project." I see no mention of the band parent organization. I heard that they contributed more than the athletic boosters by taking out some loans to help pay for the stadium. Anyone know if this is true?

My thoughts

Complete Nonsense. The band boosters committed $25K over 5 years. They had a car raffle that raised $3k and some of their supporters including the bamd director pledged maybe a total of $50K. The athletic boosters put $200K of their savings in the deal, borrowed $500K and raised the rest including soliciting the in-kind donations.


Where is lowbrass band geek when you need her?

Natti Light

Woe is me! Woe is me! I'm living hand to mouth and can't afford to pay the taxes needed to maintain and run a quality school system! Those kids just have to learn to do without and get back to the 3 R's!! (as I type from wireless high speed internet that I pay $40-$50 a month for...)


Moderators have removed this comment because you can't mention obama without getting censored by the man. Hope and change.


At the 9/14/11 BOE meeting the question was posed as to what the new stadium would cost. Mr. Gunner replied 2 million dollars with 1.7 million dollars being received from donations. The BOE (TAXPAYER) would pay the balance. 1.4 million dollars over budget? I do appreciate those in the community that supported it. I was under the impression that it would be paid for with 100 percent donations.


They knew at that time the voters already said no to a new school tax. So they moved the money around.


I find it funny you supporters haven't mentioned your mold, asbestos, lead paint and raw sewage since the health department visit. Why is that?


in the other storys it has been said that around 60 percent of the reports trouble is about only around 10 percent of the school. Also it has been said ware are the quots to fix the trouble found in the reports?. It has also been said that if your home had these same issue, most of us would have taken care of them as part of home maint. not waiting years till it got to this point and then say we need to tare this place down and let someone else pay for a new one.


Look at the reports! The health department was a one day shot, check the others! Ip the repairs are costly and not safe!


how do you know they are costly? Has there been anyone that has given any quotes on repairs?

nosey rosey

Isn't is funny how athletics aka game playing is more important to the school system than actual education. It is every taxpayers duty to vote down every school levy put before them and force the state to fix the unconstitutional way that schools are funded. Force the schools to live within their means like the rest of us.


Please, for the kids sake, vote no.


The efforts between the athletic and band boosters we community driven, both organizations worked together to find sponsors and donors to commit to the stadium project. Through events, fundraisers and direct donations each group contributed. The Athletic boosters had raised more directly and their direct monetary donation is second largest only to FRMC sponsorship dollars. Not important to who donated more, but how the community pulled together to create a facility for ALL Perkins students and residents to use.


And Sandusky, Margaretta, etc.... and the taxpayers picked up $1.7 million of it. Got my 2 no votes!


Who took the vary large loan out at Citizens bank? What was it used for? I know it was the school just not sure what part.