Feb 21, 2013

Is the city going to put sidewalks by the new Dollar General?

Is the city gonna put sidewalks down Tiffin Avenue south so walkers can cross the overpass exit to get to the dollar store? Sidewalks are needed on the westside of Tiffin going south. People are always walking close to the drainage ditch or in yards when I drive by. Thanks. Sincerely, Wilbert street mama.

Thanks for the question. I contacted Jane Cullen, the city of Sandusky project engineer. She writes:

"At this time, the city doesn't have plans to add new sidewalks in this location.  I would like to thank the reader for letting us know that there could be a need for sidewalk  in this area.  There are a couple of possibilities if sidewalks would be desired in this area. One would be if the city would start the sidewalk program back up again. This program is an assessment program, the property owners pay for sidewalk in front of their property and the city pays for curb ramps and sidewalks within the right of way at intersections. The city would also pay for any sidewalks in front of any city owned property.  The other option would be if there were any grant money available to improve pedestrian traffic along Tiffin Ave. This option would some further research."

So, it looks like sidewalks are not currently planned but they are definitely a possibility. If they're something you'd really like to see, I'd suggest sending a letter or stopping by the next city commission meeting to express your interest in having sidewalks along Tiffin Avenue. If local officials know residents are interested in certain city improvements, they're more likely to take action.

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Truth or Dare

Yeah, well we'll probably get those sidewalks which are safe for traveling on busy City streets just as quickly as the promise made to put them in on the far westend of Monroe and Edgewater! How many decades has it been? My Dad is still waiting! It took how long, 11 yrs. and how much more taxpayer $$$'s just to get the overpass started? All this and no thought to safety? There is more foot-traffic along Venice then I've ever seen, especially w/a Half-way House and the Homeless Shelter not even a qrtr. mile down the road.

That carwash on the corner, it had been dysfunctional for longer than the last 2 yrs., we've been living right down the street for 5 now. Probably neighbors with Wilbert St. Mamma Besides, there is one on the west side of the Venice tracks that won't take your money and leave ya hangin! P.S.: Don't forget sidewalks along Tiffin, between the tracks and the intersection of 101, Rte. 6 and Sanford. After all, we'll be cut off from any through traffic, having to take the long way around by vehicle. It would be quicker to walk to the end of the street and just cross over, bam you're there, just not so safe w/o sidewalks.

T. A. Schwanger


The City should require sidewalks as part of these type projects prior to approval. Most progressive cities do.

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Roads too. RT4 & Strub six years ago. Saw that before an ounce of dirt moved!


A stop light wouldn't be a bad idea either. I can just imagine what a mess that is going to be for people coming in and out of that driveway. A blind curve to the right where you cannot see what is coming? That will be a mess. Of course, it probably isn't practical because it is too close to the Tiffin Ave/Venice Rd one anyway, but I am just waiting for the first wreck there. It would have been smart to do a right turn only out of that parking lot so no one gets seriously injured.


People don't drive to dollar stores. They don't own cars.

4-wheeler al

saw a traffic jam last week cars back up too the traffic light at 101 and venice road. need left turn and the right lane for thur and right turn.cedar point is coming.


How can you put a business on the corner without having sidewalks? It should be manadated.


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The Answer Person

Too bad this is obviously NOT a "progressive city".


@Answer Person

Break out your check book like you tell everone else to do and send a check to 222 Meigs Street to start a sidewalk plan for Dollar General.

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"One would be if the city would start the sidewalk program back up again."

Inmates + donated stone + donated cement = sidewalks!


the city has to consider the safety of walkers in this area, many folks walk to the pharmacy, to the dollar store , many are low income or no income around there, theres a lot of walkers . The city should do a survey of all the neighborhoods around this area, ask the people what they think about sidewalks there before construction is completed with the overpass.


When will everyone learn that folks without jobs are not the public's issue to contend with? Get a job. Get a car. Stop depending on everyone else.