Feb 19, 2013

What ever happened to the proposed baseball complex?

What has become of the baseball complex that was to be built on 250 south of Bogart in Perkins Township? Was hoping to see this project come to fruition. — Ed from Sandusky

The short answer, Ed, is nothing. The last time the Register did a story on the proposed American Legends complex was in 2011 and at that point the developer was having trouble securing financing for the project. I called a number listed on the still-active website for American Legends (see it HERE) and didn't get a call back as of the posting of this Mailbag answer. The website makes it sound as if there's already a complex at the Milan Road location, but anyone who has driven past there lately knows there's nothing there.

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I thought they ended up building something like this elsewhere in Ohio, like around Maumee...


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tell it how it is

That is weird, the website says the address of the park is 7111 Milan Road (State Route 250), Sandusky, Ohio 44870, and gives tournament dates. Yet where is it? That's kind of creepy..


They can't invest if they can't secure funds... sounds like it's really risky... I was saying back then it sounded fishy.

Phil Packer

Maybe they've decided to put an ice skating rink there instead...


The developer could not obtain financing for the project.

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I attempted to answer several Q's folks have, but the SR IT guy bliped me... we'll attempt to do it again, at a later date... but to surfice,,,, Big Bill rudedd Perkins, Cnty Kommishs rudded county, and Huron Twnshp, John S & Ann V... didnt think they were getting their $$$ worth... so, forget baseball, you can visit the new gas station across from Kalahari instead... But lotto baseball tiks and see your $$$ disappear into a field of THEIR DREAMS... folks

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Doesn't ANYONE UP THERE IN ERIE ERRRIE, wonder why NO DEVELOPMENT HAS OCCURRED between just south of Bogart and Larry H's place??? Its a wind tunnel out there... WHY????? why hasn't something been added on the west side of 250??? (adj to NASA)besides a gas station of late??? It really is crazy but u need to ask John S and Ann V, whom own a ton of that land, via Herb & Art....and of course Rollie... Those brothers would have invested in things other than gas stations!!!!!!!


Someone told me a Cheesecake Factory was going over there..


If you build it, they will come!!!! It's just a cornfield.


On a bright note Ford is talking about 400 jobs from Spain to Ohio..engine plant.