Feb 18, 2013

Where can I get a Boy With the Boot statue?

I've seen small statues that are replicas of the Boy With the Boot statute in Washington Park. Do you know if there are any local stores that sell these smaller statues? Also, why are there two Boy With the Boot statue; one in the fountain at Washington Park and one in the lobby of City Hall? — Thanks, Matt, a west-sider

I did some checking around and it seems you may be able to get a Boy With the Boot figurine at the Maritime Museum at 125 Meigs Street in Sandusky. Unfortunately they have abbreviated hours right now for their winter season. You can stop by the gift shop Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Sunday noon - 4 p.m. Their website is HERE. If anyone knows anywhere else in town to get a Boy With the Boot figurine, please let us know in the comment section. As far as why there are two Boy With the Boot statues, the city had a problem with the original boy being vandalized in the fountain in Washington Park in the 1990s. So, they had a second replica boy cast as a replacement to go in the park. The original is now housed safely at city hall.

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Try Bailey's next to Toft's on Venice Rd. I think that's where I got mine.


You might also try the place out on Cleveland Rd. I don't know for sure if they have them, but you might look there. That craft shop, or perhaps Corso's might have them?


Bailey's Tree & Landscape Inc. 3811 Venice rd. has small ones @ $13.75 +tax and Large ones @ $ 195.00 + tax 419-625-2352


I got one at Bailey's next to Tofts.