Feb 15, 2013

Can Perkins take down a burned out home on Campbell Street?

Many years ago, a home on South Campbell Street had a fire. The house stands empty with much damage. Does Perkins Township have any ordinances or regulations on abandon homes in this kind of condition ? — Mary in Perkins Township

Yes, Mary, Perkins Township can condemn a dilapidated property and take it down if it becomes a public health and safety threat. You might recall the Sandusky Fire Department has been very active in eliminating condemned buildings in the city using grant money and such. Perkins has similar programs, according to Keith Eastman, the Perkins fire marshal. The house you're talking about on Campbell Street, however, is not condemned. Eastman said the fire at the house caused no structural damage and the owner has properly boarded it up to keep weather from getting in. So, the township has no cause to take action at the property, Eastman said. He indicated there was some talk by the owners of rehabilitating the place, but it's unclear when that might happen.

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The city of Sandusky didn't waste any time removing the home on Columbus Avenue just south of the underpass. The home, where the guy sleeping upstairs was rescued from the porch roof by a passing tradesman with a ladder on his truck, is gone and the lot leveled out.


That also could of been paid by the insurance company, Doesn't mean the city did that