Feb 13, 2013

Why don't Perkins police patrol by Furry School anymore?

Why do the Perkins Police no longer patrol the corner of Didion and Randal at the end of the Furry School day? Cars are parked on both roads right in front of the No Parking Signs every day. In the past, the Police ticketed cars for this and even warned the parents NOT to park there or else! It makes life very difficult when trying to maneuver that area at the end of school. Thanks — Concerned for Safety in Perkins

I chatted on Tuesday with Perkins Police Chief Ken Klamar about this issue. He said he's been working directly with Furry Elementary administrators to try to resolve some of the traffic issues outside the school at the end of the school day. When the department had an officer posted outside the school to deter parents from parking along the roadway, parents were finding a different street to line up on, causing traffic problems someplace else. Klamar said the police department doesn't want to crack down on parents who simply want to pick up their kids from school. But, there are undeniably traffic flow issues. The problem stems from the school gates being closed until the very end of the school day. The school doesn't open the gates earlier because there's a gym class outside until just before school ends. Obviously there's safety concerns preventing the school administrators from allowing cars into the parking lot while students are outside for gym class. Klamar said there isn't an immediate answer, but the police are working with the school to try to improve the situation. Until then, you're unlikely to see a cruiser parked at Furry School to deter traffic backups. With recent reductions to the police department's staff (Perkins Township had to eliminate four officer positions due to budget issues), the department is focusing on keeping up with call responses. Klamar said, however, the department is happy to take calls anytime a resident might have concerns with a traffic situation. Perkins police can be reached at 419-627-0824.

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Try living on one of those streets!! Those parents show up over a hour early before school lets out.. blocking driveways.. parking where theres no parking.. littering.. and are just plain rude! I fear for the walkers who have to watch for these people who dont let pedestrians cross and speed down the road! I myself have made a few PPD calls and I was told they dont want their name black marked, so insteaad of passing out citations they give warnings. I have a suggestion why dont the Sandusky Register go park out there one day and check it out for themselves!! make sure to show up about 2:45

Good 2 B Me

Dead on! It is a real mess! Warnings. I can only imagine what it would be like to blatantly break the law and only get a warning. I would drop dead if I EVER got a warning for anything.

Good idea too. Register...your reply?

Sarah Weber

Hello!  I just walked into the newsroom and chatted about your idea with schools reporter Alissa Widman and our assistant managing editor. It's not written in stone (our reporters' schedules are frequently changing based on what's going on), but we're going to try to get out there for the story you suggested sometime next week. This issue was also already mentioned in a story Andy Ouriel did last week about the Safe Routes to School sidewalk program. Thanks for the suggestion!

Good 2 B Me

Good deal! Looking forward to seeing what your results are.


The sad part is this happens in MANY towns, cities, villages. And I agree, some parents have no respect for someone elses children. They want to be first in line, get their kid and SPEED out of there. No regards for other children still walking in the parking lot, crossing the road, etc. In my area, the ADULT parents are worse than the students driving (our area is a high school/middle school). It is not only Sandusky or Perkins or this particular school...it is everywhere

yea right

Here is an idea. Let the kids use them big yellow things to go home on that is why they are there . Perkins wannabe cops should put up barriers for 5 blocks around the area.


Ya mean those big yellow things with wheels on them?


...with red flashing lights?


That's a strange little enclave over there. People dash out of their homes to stare at strangers walking past.

They could have parents line up at Harneys...


I agree with "yea right" put them on the bus where they belong! It's been proven that they are safer on the bus!


Has this always been a problem or has the problem gotten worse in recent years. It seems like they should be examining some obvious issues:

Why are less students taking the bus home? Are there things happening on the buses that make them undesirable modes of transportation? Is the traffic worse since open enrollment because bus transportation isn't provided? Could they reschedule the gym class?


Yes, there are things happening on the bus that make it undesirable. Bullying! There's no way my daughter will be on a bus. I will be Dropping off and picking up my child, but I will not be one of those rude parents. I have regards for other children's safety.

Jason Werling

Here's how I felt the first time I had to drop my boys off at school...

Good 2 B Me



Yeah, well. We walked to school from K-12. If Mom let ya drive the car in high school, it was a privilege, not a right. I am not gonna say what my uncles used to say. " We walked into the wind both ways and had to tread water when it rained or when it snowed, we had to climb 25 ft. drifts..." The problem with consolidating schools is the bus time to and from. The kids in the country have to be up two hours early and get home two hours late. That's one of the reasons parents pick up their kids. The other is the kidnapping scare.


That ain't nothin.
We used to walk 40 miles to school.. naked.. in the snow,.. and we liked it.


Even in small districts like Huron and Perkins, some kids are on the bus almost an hour. That alone is one reason why some parents pick their children up from or take them to school.

old dog

The same issues are at Woodlands School and Shawnee School, in Huron. Why do we pay school taxes for all of these buses and the school system gets paid by the state for each registered student that can ride a bus, weather they ride or not. These parents are nuts! And cause one heck of a traffic mess, especially on Berlin Road, blocking traffic so they can make a turn into the school, just so junior can get home earier to play video games.


Just because a parent is picking up a child DOES NOT mean it is so they can get home and play video games. Some children have extra carricular activities such as dance, gymnastics, guitar etc. it cracks me up how on one hand people are complaining because parents aren't spending as much time as they should be with their children, and then when these parents are picking (and dropping off) their children because of bullying, safety issues or whatever the reason, they are considered nuts. Do I agree that they should have more regards as to the traffic backups? Absolutely.

old dog



If you think its bad for students to be on the bus for 1 or 2 plus hours, try being the bus driver!


When I was a substitute bus driver in Lorain I brought along my dog on the bus. It was a small mix but the kids kept calm and enjoyed it. They would let it out of the cage and it would run up and down the isle.


A fine idea that was, lifetimeresident. Good on ya.


I bet that most of the cars are from parents from open enrollment. The school cannot bus kids from outside Perkins.


and you would be wrong


no you are wrong...per policy...Any transportation provided by the District for an other-district student takes place within
established bus routes and current bus stops within the District.


It's not mostly open enrollment parents


Cause they got layed off.