Feb 12, 2013

Where can someone get a background check?

Where can someone get a background check at? What are the different ones and what are they for? — Sean from Sandusky

There are different levels of background checks for different reasons. Employers can request background checks for new employees, landlords for renters or even cautious people entering into a new relationship for their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some employers — especially those offering jobs dealing with children, the elderly or medical patients — must require a fingerprint background check. A fingerprint background check can also be required for certain state employment licenses. Those applying for jobs that require these higher-level background checks will generally get instructions from their prospective employer on getting that kind of background check. The employee must submit themselves for the check and the results are generally reported directly back to the employer. HERE are a list of places that do fingerprint background checks in Erie County and the costs for them. Remember, a person has to submit themselves for such a check, you can't order one without the person's consent. These checks are important, and often required by law, because they prevent people who have a known criminal history from potentially victimizing children, the sick or elderly.

You can also perform a less intensive background check by just checking around with local police departments. This can be done with or without someone's consent because you're just accessing public records available to everyone. A good place to start is the Erie County Sheriff's Department because it houses records of who has been jailed in Erie County. If Huron or Sandusky or Perkins police — any agency in the county — makes an arrest that results in the person being jailed, it will show up in the Erie County Sheriff's office jail records. You just need to stop by the sheriff's office on Columbus Avenue to make the records request. You can also check through municipal court records HERE or stop by the individual police departments to ask for a check of a person's name.  Remember, a general background check like this is not all-encompassing. If someone were arrested for a serious crime in Michigan, it would not show up in local police and sheriff's records. These checks can give a landlord or perhaps parents hiring a new babysitter some peace of mind when it comes to questions about a person's potential criminal history.


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Ah, but there's more! Employers also check something akin to the CRIS-e system that Job and Family Services has that can tell who you worked for and when. Employers are able to leave comments about you that may or may not be true. No one will fess up to this, but it's being done. Also, some towns, cities have do not hire lists or blacklists and if someone puts you on it for some reason, you won't get a job anywhere in that town. There are also lists for retail theft. Employers also check your credit (consumer report) so if it's bad, you may not get a job because of it.


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Where can someone get a background check at?
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